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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th December 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lochan Sir asking Sameer to become murqa/cock if he has concentration problem. He asks Munna and Pandit to become murga. Sameer, Munna and Pandit sit for the punishment. Naina, Swati, Kamya and other girls smile. Naina tells Swati that whatever happened was a bad dream and now Sameer is just any other guy of the class, now she don’t see him. Swati says he was special to you. Naina says now my studies and my family are special to me and my life will be just like it was before Sameer came in my life. She asks Swati to come. Just then Rakesh comes there. He tells other sir that kids locked her in library so that he can’t go on trip. Sameer and Pandit come there. Rakesh says I was sure that he was behind locking me.

Sir asks what is the proof that Sameer
is involved. Sameer says he has the proof and tells that he himself locked him. Sir asks Sameer why he is accepting his mistake. Sameer says he has realized his mistake and asks Rakesh to punish him. Rakesh forgives him. Sameer gives him pen. Rakesh says today I am not having birthday. Sameer says this is the way to say sorry.

Rakesh opens the box and finds pen, and asks if it is of gold. Sameer says it is gold plated and praises him saying his words are of gold, whatever he writes will be golden. Rakesh asks him to learn something from Arjun. He says he is accepting the gift, but will not accept it. Pandit says you are saying sorry to everyone, and says you shall be forgiven. Naina hears him and gets upset. Later Munna and Sameer see Naina and her friends playing blindfold game. Munna says she is playing carefree while you are in tension. Sameer goes infront of Naina. Naina is about to collide or hold him, when Sameer takes her name. Naina says Sameer you have spoiled the game and says I was blinded by the cloth, but you were not. She goes to drink water.

Arjun practices for his selection in team. Shefali comes there and asks him not to stress himself and asks did you sleep last night. Arjun says he is fine and asks her not to worry. Shefali says I can see your eyes red and swollen. Arjun says it doesn’t matter and asks her to see in his father’s eyes and says he has a dream for him. He struggled all his life, but he never got success, and sees dreams for me. He says he will achieve his father’s dreams for her.

Sameer comes to Naina and says her sorry. He says I accept that I have done a big mistake and is feeling ashamed for it. Naina shows his flower and says broken it again. She says gardener might have made it grow, and you plucked it. She asks can you Sameer asks her plant this flower again. She unfills the bottles and asks him if he can put the water back in the bottle. Sameer gets upset. Munna and Pandit says she is two steps ahead of her father and is arrogant. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Naina had changed fully, and it was all new for me, I was burning in the fire, but I had decided to move 4 steps ahead if she takes 2 steps back.

Naina and Preeto play carrom board. Anand comes home. Bela says she will bring water. Tai ji comes there and asks Anand not to give grains to the pigeons and says it excretes in her balcony. Anand says he will give grains to pigeons in balcony. Pooja comes and asks Naina to make sweater for Varun. Naina recalls making sweater for Sameer. Tai ji scolds Pooja and asks if she will take Naina to her sasural. Pooja asks Naina to weave the sweater. Naina says ok and goes to room.

Sameer stands outside Naina’s house to apologize to her. Later Sameer, Munna and Pandit standing out. One of them kicks the stone and it hits on Arjun’s back.

Written Update by H Hasan

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