Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th November 2017 Written Update: Sameer Feels Guilty Seeing Naina’s Trust On Him

The Episode starts with Munna and Pandit get Rakesh’s bike from the mechanic shop. Mechanic asks for money. Pandit says we don’t have now and promises to pay tomorrow. He agrees. Naina says it is looking new, Papa will understand. Mechanic says he will make it look old. Principal asks Rakesh, who am I? Rakesh says you are principal. Principal says I am confused. He says this boy touched your feet and you are showing anger on him. Rakesh says he is acting to be good. Principal says I don’t know what he can do with your old scooter. Rakesh says it is like my family member. Principal says sorry and asks him to proof. Rakesh says PT sir saw him near my scooter. Naina, Munna and Pandit are bringing scooter back to scooter. Sameer is about to confessed thinking he might be caught, but
he didn’t know that his heroine will save him. Just then Munna come there and says scooter is parked at Rakesh’s sir house. Rakesh says it is not possible. Munna signs Sameer. Sameer asks Principal to get it confirmed. Principal says he will call his home. Naina was waiting in her balcony and waits for Pandit to bring scooter. Sameer asks Rakesh sir to give his number. Principal calls at Rakesh’s sir house. Bela picks the call.

Rakesh asks her to check if the scooter is parked downstairs. Bela sees the scooter parked and confirms him. Naina takes the call and says scooter is parked. Rakesh is surprised. Munna and Sameer smiles. Rakesh asks how did you know that scooter is parked at home. Munna says Naina told while going home. Principal says this happens in this age and asks him to have almonds. Sameer tells Rakesh that he is glad that he got the scooter and says your family is my family. Rakesh comes home and says how can I forget that I brought scooter home. Tai ji says you forgot as you gets angry. Rakesh asks when did I get angry on you. Arjun comes and asks for 200 Rs for cricket gloves. Rakesh scolds him and checks for his wallet. He thinks where did I keep it. Shefali comes there and gives fees to Arjun for teaching her cricket. Rakesh takes the money and asks Arjun to bring almonds for him and get it locked in the almari. Shefali comes to the cricket ground where Arjun is teaching cricket to guys. The guys pass remarks on her. Arjun asks her to wear proper clothes and says you don’t come here for modeling. Shefali says she feels comfortable in this dress and asks him to treat her equally.

Sameer and Naina come to school early. Sameer gives her aashiqui film CD and asks why did she help him. Naina says as you are got Pooja’s alliance fixed, made my relation fine with Swati and touches Papa’s feet bearing his anger. Sameer gets touched. Naina says she knows that his intention is pure and says Chacha ji says they need to understand a person and not to test him/her. She says she has decided. Sameer asks what? Naina says I trust you fully. Sameer feels guilty. Naina’s voiceover tells that the trust was blind, Sameer was not changed, but he was going to take revenge and feeling bad for it. Munna and Pandit come there and tease him. Pandit ask him to make Naina say I love you for the bet. Sameer says when she comes to know about this then her heart will break. Pandit says once the bet is completed, all drama will end. Shefali asks Arjun what to do. Arjun asks her to take 5 rounds of the ground. He asks her to follow him being her coach. Shefali goes.

Naina asks Preeti to help her in packing. She asks her to slap her and take out her anger. Preeti hugs her and goes. Pooja comes and says she will also go with Varun. Naina says she will tell them after going there. Pooja asks with whom? Naina says Swati.

Sameer packs his clothes. Nanu asks him to pack best of clothes and says I want to meet your special friend. Sameer says I have no special friend. Nanu asks him what he will do with special friend and asks if he kept sweater in it. Sameer looks sad. Nanu says it seems I have to bring sweater, your special friend will not weave sweater for you. Naina’s voiceover tells that the love fever was going to end from her head during this trip.

Naina comes to go to trip. Sameer comes on bike. They smile. Rakesh also comes there. Naina gets worried.

Written Update by H Hasan

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