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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2018 Written Update: Naira Upsets Kartik

The Episode starts with everyone clapping for Kirti. Kartik looks for Naira. He calls her. Naira refuses to move. The bulldozer proceeds. She gets back and cries. Kirti happily hugs Naksh. She asks was it good. He says it was really good, when did you practice. Kirti says I didn’t practice, Naira made me do it in the last minute. He says where is she, I will see her. Naitik says you danced well. Kirti asks them to find Naira. Manish says how can Naira disappear. Aryan says don’t take tension, I will see. Naira says we have all permissions, give me two hours, I will get all documents. She cries. The man says brakes are stuck, move away. They shout to her. She says I won’t move, I m not scared of you, don’t dare to damage my academy, I won’t let anything happen to my mum’s
dream, I won’t get scared or move. Kartik throws the drums and stops the bulldozer. She says Kartik…. He shouts Naira…..

He lifts her and takes her away. She says they won’t destroy our academy right. He asks someone to help them. Guard keeps some sacks in between. Naira asks the man to please stop. She hits the stone at the brakes. Kartik takes her away. Surekha asks shall I go and see Naira. Dadi says it won’t look good. Naira says officer said he has sent us a notice, he should have called, he didn’t listen to me, its good he stopped. He says enough, did you go mad, you were going to give life to save the academy. She says they would have broken that idol and photo. He asks what if anything happened to you. He yells at her. She asks what’s right, tell me, I should have done an announcement, people would have panicked. He says you always do what you find right, you don’t listen to me, its not necessary that you are always right. Naitik asks what’s happening. Guard says Naira stood in front of the roller to stop the officials, its good Kartik saved her, else she would have been under the roller. They come to Naira. Naitik asks are you fine.

The team looks for Naira. The official says we have sent the letter, you ignored it, this is the result of it. Aryan says we will reply when we want, wait for our reply, you would have made the place vacated, if anything happened to people. Naitik says yes, we would have done something if you gave warning, so many people are inside. The man says we will follow the order.

Naiitk says there is no illegal construction here, we can prove it, else do anything you want, I will call for stay orders, Naksh arrange the documents. Aryan says I will come along, don’t worry, I will see them if they trouble again. Naksh and Aryan leave. Kartik turns away. Naira cries. Naitik says see your senior’s message, they gave us one hour time to get papers. He asks Naira why is she worried, they didn’t break a rule while building the academy, no one can ruin it. Kartik says you know what she did. Naitik says its less difference between bravery and foolishness, if anything happened to you, you should have given this responsibility to us, you should fulfill your responsibility, everyone wants to see your performance. Naira says I can’t concentrate till this matter is resolved. Naitik says we will manage this, just go, Kartik takes her in, you are annoyed, but this function is imp, we both will scold her once this goes well. Manish says I m trying to call Shubham.

Kirti says I spoke to Naksh, everything is fine, Naira is coming to perform, maybe it was costume problem. Dadi says she should have prepared this before, if media knows this… Manish says media will publish what we want. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words. Naksh and Aryan get papers. Naitik says this document proves we didn’t break any rule. The lady announces Naira’s performance. Everyone claps. The lady says she has founded this academy and fulfilled her mum and many people’s dreams. Aryan says Kartik had risked life because of Naira. He tells everything.

Bau ji asks what happened. Naksh says generator wasn’t coming. Dadi says Naira has taken a vow, she won’t let Kartik be in peace, I don’t understand this love. Naksh says Naira is going to perform her best. Naitik says Akshara’s children can do anything for her dream, Kartik is backstage. Naksh says I wanted to talk to him. Naitik says he is annoyed with Naira. Naksh says don’t worry, they both know each other well, they must have sorted things out, so he is there with Naira. Naira performs… Kartik doesn’t come. He recalls her words. Naira sees Kartik far and leaving. She thinks where are you going Kartik, stop…. Everyone claps for her.

Naira hugs Kartik and says I m sorry. He says I need to go for imp work.

Written Update by Amena

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