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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th January 2018 Written Update: Naira Tries To Stop Demolition

The Episode starts with Naksh going back to the academy. Officials come there. Kartik gives the presentation. Naira checks all the arrangements. Naitik sees Priyanka. Official says we will start with that corner, everyone will hear the sound and come out. Naira gets ready and smiles. Everyone claps for Kartik. Guard asks the officials to stop it. The man says we are here to obey the govt. Order, see this notice, move from here. Naira says Lord please send Kartik soon. Kirti says we are ready now. Naira thanks her for managing everything, it would be good if you also performed. Kirti says no, you are trained, I need rehearsals to perform, we will see it next time, don’t worry Kartik will come. Dadi says I wish Kartik’s meeting ends soon and he comes here. Client says we liked your
proposal, but we have some queries, we want you to clear it. Manish sees Kartik. Kartik says of course, please ask. He sees time. Naira sees Akshara’s pic and says I need you today, just bless me. Bulldozer stops. Guard sees Naksh and misses him. The dance event begins.

The man says I told you to check the bulldozer, it will waste our time. Everyone claps for Naira. Naira says I want my dad to come on stage and light the diya to start the program. Naitik lights the diya. Naira thinks where are you Kartik, come soon. Naira asks him to say a few words. Naitik says every parent wishes something for a child, if he gets his child’s hard work, the result is like this academy, this was Akshara and my dream, I m proud that she made this academy by her hardwork and talent. Guard looks for Naira. Naitik thanks everyone for their presence and support.

Naira says thanks, this academy is special to me for two reasons, my dance and this Academy’s name, Akshara is my mumma’s name, she is not between us, but her values will always be between us. Light flashes on her face. Naksh asks someone to turn off the lights. He goes to check. Naira gets disturbed by the lights. Kartik puts his hand in front of the light projector. They all smile. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…..plays……

Naira says my team and I have tried out best to convey our feelings through our dance. Kartik walks down and signs to Naira. She says I hope you all will like our attempt. Manish signs Dadi and smiles. Dadi gets relieved. Kartik signs to compliment Naira. She smiles. He gives her a flying kiss. She says we present our first performance. Guard calls her out and says some govt officials came with a bulldozer to demolish our dance academy, come soon. She gets shocked. She sees Akshara’s pic. Kirti sees Naira away, while the dance is starting. She asks Naira what happened……. Naira cries. Kirti says Naira, go….. Everyone waits for Naira’s performance.

Bulldozer starts and proceeds. Kirti comes on stage and dances on Desh hai mera Rangeela…. Everyone gets surprised. Naitik says I didn’t know Kirti is also dancing. Naksh says I m surprised too. Kartik says maybe its decided now, I have seen Naira practicing these steps. Naitik says it means she is dancing in Naira’s place. Kartik says don’t know. Naira goes out. Kartik says I will go and see Naira. Everyone thinks where is Naira, did she get hurt. Naira tries to go out. She gets shocked seeing the bulldozer. She stops them and asks who are you, what are you doing. The man says we are doing our work. She says you can’t do this, there is a function going on, just wait, we will sort out the confusion. He says we gave you notice, you didn’t answer it. She recalls Kartik’s words. She says we have all legal permissions, a show is going inside, give us some time, please…. Kartik says how could Naira go leaving her performance. Naira gets shocked seeing the bulldozer approaching. Dadi says media is also here, how could Naira go, media will make fun of this tomorrow. Naira stands before the bulldozer. The man asks her to move away. She says I won’t listen to you, you can’t do this, you will have to pay for it. Kartik asks someone about Naira. The man says maybe she went out to get her belongings. Kartik thanks him. The official asks the driver just to scare Naira, but not hurt her. She doesn’t move.

Naira gets scared when the bulldozer reaches close. She says don’t dare to damage my academy, its my mum’s dream, I won’t let anything happen to it. She cries.

Written Update by Amena

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