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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2017 Written Update: Police Searches For Kartik

The Episode starts with Kartik saying you are shy like a newly wedded bride. She says no. He says kiss the bride is still left, see yourself by my eyes. She runs. They romance. Baahon me chale aao…. plays…. They dance in the pool and get close. Naksh asks are you comfortable here, have this, try and say how is it, I will change it. Kirti says please stop it and goes away. He goes after her and asks what happened, did I say anything wrong. She says yes. He says sorry, what happened. She says since we met again, you are putting extra efforts to keep me happy, I came here as I trust you, I like you the way you are, I want that Naksh whom I loved and married. He says sorry, I didn’t realize. She says please don’t do this. He says I won’t do Kirti ji. She says stop calling
me Kirti ji. He says okay Kirti. She laughs.

Rajshri calls Goenka house. She talks to kids and asks for Dadi. They run to call Dadi. Dadi talks to Guru ji on phone and asks Guru ji to save Kartik doing anything. Rajshri hears this. Kids tell Dadi about the call for her. Dadi takes Rajshri’s call. Rajshri asks what happened to Kartik, tell me, I won’t say you didn’t say before, just tell me the truth, are our children fine. Dadi says someone has accused Kartik for bribing, police wants to arrest him. Rajshri gets shocked. She asks Dadi not to cry and be strong, everything will get fine.

Naira says I didn’t get so happy before. She goes and shouts I love you Kartik. Kartik shouts I love you Naira. He lifts her and hugs. He says I promise I won’t let our love catch anyone’s bad sight. Naksh and Kirti greet a little girl and ask her name. He says I think its language problem, I will try. He signs her to talk. Kirti says this girl is alone since long time. He says no, no one came to take her, we will take care to police station, I will not let anything wrong happen with her. She says you like kids right, I also like kids, I always knew I wanted many children. Naksh looks at her. Kirti talks to the officer and drops the girl. Naksh says take care of her. Kirti says I love the fact that you are so good. Naksh jokes.

Manish asks what. Akhilesh asks are you saying this now. Manager says I wanted to tell you in office. Manish says why did staff not get bonus. Manager says Goyal went on holiday, he is not receiving my call. Akhilesh asks him to go. Manish asks Akhilesh are you thinking the same. Akhilesh says yes, Goyal and money are missing, someone has sent bribe by Kartik’s name, is this connected. Manish says we are overthinking. Akhilesh says we will know when we get Goyal. Aryan says I will inform police about Kartik. He sees Kartik’s pic. He goes to the officers.

Kartik and Naira take pics. Kartik sees police finding someone. He asks Naira to come quickly. She says no, I want to be here, its beautiful place. He takes her. Naksh and Kirti click pics. Baatein kuch ankahin si…… he lifts her and helps her pluck a fruit. A man takes their pics and signs them to kiss. She signs no. Naksh kisses on her cheek.

Kartik turns away seeing police. He hears people talking and says are they finding me, no how will they know me, I can’t take risk. Aryan shows Kartik’s pic and complains. Officer says yes, we got the info, why are you so desperate. Aryan says I m a good man. He sees Naksh and Kirti and tells officers that she is Kartik’s sister. Police follows Kirti. Akhilesh says someone informed police that Kartik is in Greece, police has contacted Greek police. Dadi worries and asks Manish what kind of father is he, do something. Kartik and Naira romance on the yacht. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. They make a titanic pose. She says boat ride looks incomplete without this. He says yes. She asks why are we not going by road. He says yes, we should experience new things. She smiles. He thinks I chose this ferry to get saved from police, even though I didn’t do anything wrong.

Kartik and Naira get down the boat. Police comes there to arrest Kartik. Aryan smiles.

Written Update by Amena

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