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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th November 2017 Written Update: Shagun Learns Ishita’s Plans

The Episode starts with Simmi and Raman getting angry over Ishita’s challenge. Romi comes and says there is a bad news, lawyer said Ishita is right, the clause is mentioned, we have to pay big penalty if we end this contract. Raman gets angry. Romi asks him not to make any big mistake. Raman goes. Simmi thinks its good Ishita made Raman her enemy. Ishita says if our relation started with enmity, this enmity to okay if it can make things fine. Shagun talks to Mani on call. She tells him that Ishita is Raman’s investor, why did she do this. He says yes, she shouldn’t have challenged Raman. Shagun sees the video and thinks Ishita did this many years ago, why will she want Raman’s loss, what does she want to go.

She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call on other line and ends Mani’s call.
Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come home and handle Raman, he is very angry. Romi says please stop, Ishita is our investor. Raman says I have to teach her a lesson. He gets inside the car. The women come there and protest against Raman. Raman sees them and gets flashes. The women scold him for his cheap mentality. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks the ladies not to say anything, they don’t know Raman. The ladies scold her as well. Raman asks them not to dare say anything to his mum. Ishita comes and asks the ladies to stop it. Romi thinks similar incident happened years ago, now I understand Ishita is doing this to remind Raman.

Ishita asks the ladies to leave Raman, she will handle him, he is a male chauvinist, but she can manage on own, she has strength, Raman can lose respect by protest, they can leave now. Ladies leave. Raman says I will ruin your life, I will not leave you, be careful now. He goes. Simmi makes a face and goes. Ishita says it happened as I thought, but what I wanted didn’t happen, sorry Raman, I didn’t want to hurt you, I want to trigger his memory, I want Raman and his memories. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Shagun comes there. She sees Ashok with those ladies. She asks the ladies from which NGO are they. The lady says we are one day artists. Shagun asks did he call you. The lady says yes, he hired us to help Ishita, she asked us to protest here. Shagun thanks them. She thinks what happened to Ishita. She sees Ishita and asks what’s going on, this happened before, you are trying to recreate this so that he recalls his past, he loves you, will you please explain, why are you doing this. Ishita says I don’t have answers, I m in hurry. She leaves.

Shagun comes home. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to see Raman, he is angry, he may do anything. Simmi says I will also come. Romi and Mrs. Bhalla stop Simmi. Simmi asks Shagun to give pills to Raman. Shagun comes to Raman’s room. She asks him to stay calm. He says I will go mad,I feel all this happened before, do I know Ishita, Simmi said she killed Ananya, tell me what’s happening to me. She says its work stress, I know Ishita as much as you do, take medicines, relax. She gives him pills and says I hope whatever Ishita is doing is right.

Aaliya gets some things and silently leaves from the house. Ishita talks to the guards. Aaliya meets her and shows the things she got. Ishita and Aaliya go to workout their plan. They ring the doorbell and hide. Singhs get scared. The lady asks who has lighted the diya here, how did powercut happen. Aaliya says we will scare you now. She uses remote and rotates the diya. The lady gets scared and says we will go and call guard. They go. Aaliya smiles.

Ishita acts as ghost and scares Singhs further. Aaliya calls them from their landline. They go back home to check. They don’t see anyone and go to get some help. Aaliya leaves. Ishita asks them to run away else she will kill them. She laughs. The lady says she will not leave us. Aaliya calls guard and asks him to switch on the lights. Aaliya and Ishita laugh seeing the couple run. Singhs ask the guard about power failure. Guard lies to them and shows the flat having light. He tells them that the people who stayed before them left house by some fear, all the best. Ishita smiles. The lady says we should leave the house, Madrasi aunty gave us good offer, they can help us. Ishita and Aaliya laugh.

Simmi tells Ishita that she will be a barrier between Raman and her, she will never let them meet. Ishita tells Ashok that she is worried for their investment. Raman says you should worry for losing the award. Ishita tells Ruhi that Simmi has changed the medicines again, so she was confident that Raman will not regain his memory.

Written Update by Amena

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