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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2017 Written Update: Simmi Fails To Cancel Contract

The Episode starts with Simmi shouting stop it. She asks how dare you come here Ishita, what are you doing mumma, are you welcoming her, you still have place for her in heart. Everyone comes out hearing Simmi and looks on. Simmi says our house got ruined because of Ishita, she is a murderer, you are hugging her. She asks Mr. Bhalla to see what’s happening. Ishita says enough Simmi, you crossed the limits, you grabbed their sympathy and ruined this house, bad happened with Ananya, it should have not happened, you made her death a drama, why are you blaming mummy ji, Ruhi had tooth pain, I came here to drop her home, my phone is left in Raman’s phone, I came back to get phone, I saw Raman stumbling and supported him, I got him here, why shall I tell everyone why I came here, this is my
house and my family, I don’t need anyone’s permission to come here, I know everyone loves me here, some selfish people are here, who wants sympathy for personal motives, who are playing with everyone’s emotions, everyone would have come in Simmi’s words, they love Simmi and don’t want to hurt her. She says I can see how you are ruining this family, I will not let this happen. She leaves. Romi says thank God, there is someone who identifies you well. Mrs. Bhalla thinks what did Romi say, its my mistake that I supported Ishita, no this is Simmi’s house, I should support her.

Simmi asks Parmeet are you seeing this. He says we have to make Ishita away from here. She says Ishita see what game I play with you. Its morning, Ruhi gets angry on the female employee. She says who leaves job for marriage, Surbhi, don’t trust men, the man I was going to marry left me, even my parents are not together today, basically marriage is a trap, its a waste of time, you gave resignation, I want you to reconsider it. Romi hears her and goes.

Simmi argues with Raman for taking Ruhi to Ishita’s clinic. Ishita comes. Simmi gives her phone. Ishita thanks her and turns to go. Simmi stops her to talk. Ishita asks Raman to say. Simmi says we wish to cancel this contract. Ishita says that’s why I don’t want to work with sinking companies, you guys are unprofessional, Simmi asked you to back out, did she tell you about the penalty, it means your advisor didn’t read the contract well. She asks Simmi to read the breach terms. Simmi checks. Ishita asks Raman not to cancel contract. Raman says I m helpless and goes. Ishita goes out and collides with Romi. He asks how are you. She says I m fine, how are you. He says I m good, I need to talk, Ruhi is behaving strange, she talks rudely, you have to do something. Ishita says Simmi and Parmeet filled this poison in her mind. He says I know, just you can change this, Mihika doesn’t talk to me, we all need you, save this house from breaking. She says I also need you all, I can’t see you all hurt, I will find some way, I will return home, I promise. He thanks her.

Ishita and Shweta come to Parmeet’s cabin. Ishita asks what’s this gaudy interiors, who got this done. Parmeet says I got this interiors, what happened. Ishita says throw this furniture, my designers will do interiors, I have to shift here. Parmeet says its my cabin. Ishita says I m going to shift here, its not yours now, I m the investor of the imp project, I m taking all decisions, you are not imp here, you are not understanding you are not required right now. She asks Shweta to help him in shifting. He says its Raman’s office. She says yes, you are just an employee, you have to obey orders, will you be leaving on own or shall I throw your thing. He says you are crossing limits. She says I just started setting lines, see what happens next. She taunts him and asks him to get out. Parmeet says I will go to opposite cabin. Ishita says that’s Ruhi’s cabin, Parmeet can get space in storeroom, else watchman’s cabin, or he will make an office for himself, he is a big man. Parmeet leaves. Shweta asks shall I leave. Ishita signs. Shweta goes. Ishita smiles and says it was not difficult, courage is needed, I will make you out of Raman’s life too, pest control is going on here. She calls Appa and asks did you reach there. He says yes, I don’t know how to talk, we gave house to tenant on rent, we didn’t give them notice.

Ishita says Ashok has a spare flat, they won’t have any option, we will take less rent, that house is bigger, try to convince them. Amma says don’t worry, I will manage everything. Ishita says I know, I m having so much fun, I made Parmeet out of his cabin. She ends call and says Simmi, stay alert, we Iyers are coming back to become Raman’s neighbors. Amma and Appa meet Singh family. Amma says we want this house back, you have to vacate it, we will help you. The man asks why, where shall I take my kids, what’s the problem. Amma says we will compensate, Ishita is finding bigger flat for you, you have to leave this house. The lady refuses. Amma asks why. The lady says where else will we get such a big house, ladies like me in kitty parties, we are very happy here. Amma says you have to leave. Appa stops Amma. Amma says we are doing this for Ishu and Raman. Simmi and Raman come to the building. Simmi recalls Ishita’s words. She says we should declare our bankruptcy than working with Ishita. Raman says I don’t trust her, I called a lawyer, he will tell us how to get rid of her. She smiles.

Ishita taunts Raman and asks do you know your neighbor’s name. She asks Simmi not to get between elders’ talk. She asks Raman not to talk in her matter.

Written Update by Amena

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