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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th November 2017 Written Update: Gajanan Wins The Race.

The episode starts with gajanan drinking all the milk slowly and he also starts taking all the water of the ocean. Lord Vishnu is worried and says gajanan I wont stop you from drinking but remember it may happen you may finish everything. The milk god appears and says prabhu stop gajanan otherwise he may finish everything and I will be wiped from existence. Lord Vishnu remembers gajanan asking him could he have milk? And lord Vishnu saying yes have as much he wants. Lord Vishnu says gajanan I have understood that no one should be underestimate someone because of their ego and think before promising, now stop gajanan and save kshir sagar. Gajanan stops and says mama I was anyway going to stop. Lord Vishnu says nephew you may get late for the race, you have to go ahead. Gajanan says yes I almost
forgot about the race, I will go mama shree. Gajanan goes on mushak ji.
There gajanan and mushak walk around lord Shankar and parvati. Narad muni says gajanan has just left kshir sagar. There suddenly in seconds gajanan catches pace and reaches the gods too. narad says I am surprised, gajanan has reached all gods. Gajanan then gets ahead of everyone and indra dev is shocked. Kartikeya smiles.
There gajanan walks around parvati and mahadev and then 2 flowers fall from parvati’s hair down. gajanan stops on mushak ji and looks at the flowers. Mushak doesn’t move. Gajanan says yes mushak ji, the flowers from mother’s hair are like Prasad only we cannot walk over those flowers and insult Prasad.
There gajanan stops too. kartikeya comes from behind and says gajanan why did you stop? You have come so near to the goal and you have stopped here, gajanan keep going ahead. Gajanan doesn’t move. From behind indra dev comes and says gajanan it seems like you still don’t take this competition seriously. Indra dev goes ahead. Kartikeya says gajanan come on, why have you stopped? Kartikeya looks at indra dev and then starts racing himself. All gods go ahead of gajanan.
There gajanan uses his trunk and takes the flowers from the ground and takes it in his hand, he prays to it, narad muni says gajanan what are you doing? Start now. Gajanan starts walking around mahadev and parvati again. There as all gods had gone ahead of gajanan, gajanana suddenly races so fast that he turns into a light ray and passes everyone in a matter of seconds. Kartikeya comes ahead of indra dev and they reach mountains in kailash, indra dev is behind kartikeya. Suddenly gajanan passes them as a light ray in speed and reaches kailash. Kuber lands on kailash and thinks he is first, he sees varun dev who also thinks he is first, but then they slowly see all gods. Indra dev thinks he is first and then sees kartikeya and says it was just seconds otherwise I would have won, indra dev is sad and angry. Kartikeya and suddenly all gods see gajanan who is walking around mahadev and parvati. Brahmadev saraswati and lord Vishnu laxmi appear. Kartikeya and all gods get down. kartikeya says wow that is amazing, gajanan has won, he reached kailash first. All gods are shocked. Kartikeya comes ahead and walks up to lord Shankar and parvati and all tridev, he does pranam and says gajanan wow, you won this race and I am happy, I was amazed at that time when you suddenly went ahead of everyone with so much speed in the last moment. Gajanan says what are you saying brother? I did not go anywhere from kailash. Indra dev, Chandra dev and suryadev including all gods say gajanan but you were with us only, you came at all stages with us and also defeated all obstacles and helped us. Gajanan says all gods, because my vehicle mushak ji is slow, I decided to walk around my mother and father as for a child his parents are his entire universe and world and as my father mahadev actually holds the entire universe in his body, so I walked around them. Lord Vishnu says yes gajanan, in the same way you walked around your parents, there a form of yours did the racing in the competition, your form only raced and defeated all obstacles and also don’t you remember kshir sagar? Such a big event! Gajanan says oh yes maha shree, I remember now I drank almost entire milk of khir sagar. Lord Vishnu says yes, your karma was so deep and dedication towards your parents that your same form ran the race and made you win. Brahmdev says mahadev, now tell us who pratham devta is! Mahadev says the one who completed the race doing all tasks and reached here first is gajanan! He is pratham devta! Kartikeya smiles. Indra dev and agni dev say but prabhu this is wrong, gajanan never moved from here. All gods say yes. Indra dev says and instead kartikeya was the one who reached here first doing all hard tasks, so he should be pratham devta. Kartikeya says yes indra dev you are right. Indra dev thinks if I did not win, I wont let anyone win. Kartikeya goes to gajanan and says if gajanan is not made pratham devta, that would be wrong. Kartikeya says brother gajanan believed in his parents and for him his parents mean the world to him, that is why he raced around them, he saved all gods from various obstacles and also rahu ketu, gods then say yes, he completed the race and we saw it ourselves, he has taught everyone that he was our vignaharta as he solved all our problems with intelligence and strength. He has taught that with belief, intelligence, karma and dedication everything is possible. All gods then say yes and agree. Mahadev smiles.

Precap: gajanan is pratham devta. All gods cheer for gajanan. The demons are arising against the gods.

Written Update by Tanaya

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