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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th November 2017 Written Update: Gajanan Tickles Rahu Ketu.

The episode starts with gajanan and all gods getting inside the palace and gajanan does pranam to mata sandhya. Mata sandhya says son gajanan, I am happy you came to suryalok. Suryadev says gajanan I thank you today for saving my respect, I bless you with a wish, whoever will from today pray to you, all their problems will disappear and they will be happy. Gajanan says thank you suryadev. Kartikeya takes the gem from suryalok, all gods take and go ahead. Suryadev says now I should go, he goes too. gajanan says to mata sandhya, mata today I will do my dhyaan here for sometime in suryalok. Mata sandhya says yes gajanan, our lok will be honored. Kartikeya says gajanan we have to go, what are you doing? Gajanan says you go brother, I am meditating for sometime here. Kartikeya says okay but come
There all gods compete each other towards their next destination, that is to the moon. Agnidev thinks I will be the one to reach chandralok. Chandra dev thinks all gods don’t know what I have in mind for them. Suryadev reaches chandralok and indra dev too. indra dev says what happened suryadev? Where are gajanan and kartikeya? Didn’t they come with you? Suryadev says gajanan has stopped in suryalok to do meditation and kartikeya must have waited to come with gajanan. Indra dev says that’s nice, before mahadev’s sons come we should find chandrakant and get going. All gods come and then Chandra dev comes. indra dev says what happened Chandra dev? You are not going ahead to take chandrakant? Chandra dev says even you all will stop here after seeing the beauty of my lok. Chandra dev with his powers shows everyone the beauty, all gods smile and enjoy the scenery. Chandra dev then freezes everyone inside ice. Everyone is shocked and shani dev says Chandra dev you are cheating with us, this is not right. Chandra dev goes ahead. Suryadev thinks Chandra dev doesn’t know, he thinks he will outsmart us but my tej and agni dev’s fire power will destroy this ice. Suryadev and agni dev destroy the ice and then all gods stop Chandra dev, indra dev says what is the hurry? We all will go together. Rahu ketu laugh and say no gods, you will not until I am here to stop you. Ketu says chandradev, this time there will be a lunar eclipse and I will take the moon inside me, and not let any god complete the race ever. Ketu laughs and opens his mouth.
Kartikeya and gajanan are coming on their vehicles and kartikeya says gajanan see rahu and ketu are there. Gajanan says yes brother we have to go and do something, they are attacking the gods. There ketu opens his mouth and starts taking the moon inside his mouth, he pulls the moon with the gods inside his mouth and closes it. Gajanan and kartikeya come. Kartikeya says ketu open your mouth and leave the chandralok and all gods. Rahu says no ketu don’t open your mouth and kartikeya go away otherwise we will destroy you. Gajanan says brother I will do something. Gajanan comes ahead with mushak ji and says rahu ji your head is not with your body? Rahu says no why? Gajanan says then how do you eat? Rahu says ketu don’t open your mouth, he is fooling us. Gajanan says if someone tickles you rahu then does ketu ji laugh? Ketu nods his head. Gajanan uses his trunk and tickles rahu, he tickles and ketu laughs uncontrollably, ketu opens his mouth and moon comes out. All gods smile. Gajanan continues tickling. Suryadev thinks I should go ahead as other gods are watching gajanan do his leela. Indra dev sees suryadev going and he goes too, slowly all gods go except Chandra dev. Kartikeya says come on gajanan. Gajanan and kartiekya go ahead and take the chandrakant gem. Chandra dev says gajanan today with your intelligence you saved my lok, I am very thankful. Chandra dev says I bless you with a wish, whenever people will pray to you gajanan, even if I am at any place on their kundli, being related to mind, that person’s intelligence will increase. Gajanan says thank you Chandra dev. Everyone sit on their vehicle, mushak ji’s tail is pressed by rahu’s leg. Gajanan says you both go ahead, I will come. Kartikeya and Chandra dev go.
Gajanan says what happened mushak ji? Lets go! gajanan sees and shadow and sees rahu standing behind, he and mushak ji fall down. gajanan says please leave mushak ji, I have to go and race. Rahu says no gajanan, you tricked me into leaving the moon, I will not leave you. Rahu kicks mushak ji who flies away. Gajanan is angry.

Precap: narad muni says prabhu, gajanan is still on Chandra lok! Lord Vishnu says he has to teach rahu ketu a lesson. There gajanan becomes huge and attacks ketu, he sits on rahu’s head and says I will punish you as even though you are a god now, you still want be a demon.

Written Update by Tanaya

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