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Vani Rani 30th November 2017 Written Update: Adi Weds Anjali

Scene 1
Ajay apologizes all the guests and they leave. Everyone is in a shock. Sartak walks in shock. Anjali says papa.. He looks down. anjali says papa please say something. Did you know all this? She cries why.. She says why did you do this papa. She recalls the promise she made to him. She says that promise.. you knew everything. She is crying. Why did you do this to me. Sartak says adi forced him to do all this. He was crazy to get you. When you were out of his hands he showed his real self. He got me kidnapped. And took my place. He knew he can never get you in his name so he took you as Sartak. He planned to get me kidnapped. I told you ma he snatched everything from me. I tell you what happened. I was in room. He brought me a juice. I drank it and fainted.
Nandani later mixed something
in that juice. Sartak drank it and fainted.

Sartak says when I came out I was kidnapped. I don’t remember anything after that. When i woke up I was in a car’s trunk. When I came here understood why it all happened. Adi is my real enemy. He took everything from me. He separated me and Anjali.
Ajay says why are you quite adi? Say something. You did all this delibrately.

Ajay recalls adi saying I wont let anything happen to Sartak. Ajay says you knew everything. Adi looks at Anjali’s dad. He recalls he came to Parkash and said sartak is nowhere. I couldn’t find him anywhere. Parkahs said we should go and tell Anajli’s dad.
They came to him. He said don’t do this. My daughter will die. She is crying so much. Adi says she is nowhere. Parkash said he has ran. He dind’t want to marry. Her dad said Anjali really loved him. She would die if he doesn’t come. Adi says he will come. Parkash says no he wont. He fled from his wedding. I can reduce your pain. Anajli is here. All the guests are here. We should get Anjali married it aadi. Adi said what.. No dad. What are you saying. Parkash said we don’t have another option. \
Her dad said please adi. Its about her life. Adi said but anjali loves sartak. Her dad said please save her life. I have cancer. She doesn’t know that. I want her to get married before I die. Please marry her and save her life. Please hold her hand when Sartak left. Parkash said Sartak has fled. God has sent you to save Anjali’s life.

Her dad begged. Adi said okay I will hold anjali’s hand.
Ajay says say something. Sartak says he is a liaar and kidnapper. he played a huge game and used everyone. Ajay says how could you do this Adi. Why did you lie that you found sartak? Why did you do this. Prabah says Adi won’t answer. Ask sartak why he left from the wedding. He slept and neever woke up. Sartak never wanted to marry Anjali. He only wanted to have fun with her. He planned to leave her in the wedding hall. Anjali adi saved your life. I know Sartak and his parents. Rani you should die of shame. You have harmed your sister who fed you. You have ruined this family’s name. See parkash I told you these people are snakes. See. They hate your kids.

Precap-Sartak says I told you papa these people will never own us.

Written Update by Atiba

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