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Vani Rani 28th November 2017 Written Update: Sartak Missing On His Wedding

Scene 1
Sid comes to Sartak and says I brought something for you. he says you can see it later. He has given her con**ms. Sid says until you don’t need kids. Sartak gets awkward and runs. Nandani comes in and says where were you? Sid says I.. Sid says nothing. Nandani sees the pack in his room.

Avinash comes to kaviya’s room. She says what are you doing here? He says want to take your photos. She says go out someone will come. He says you look like a bride. He takes his photos with her. Avinash says I really love you.
Nandani sees the con**ms and says the wedding is not even over yet. Adi comes in. He says I brought all the things you asked me for. Adi sees the con**ms and stops.

Avinash holds her hands and says I know I am nothing in front of your family status.
I am sorry. Kaviaya says why hide whats in your heart? He says do you feel the same? Kaviyas ays I.. Her video is recording. Kaviya says yes I do. Avinahs comes close to kiss her. Kaviya shoves him. He says I am sorry. Kaviya holds his hand. She says listen please. They come close and kiss.

Scene 2
Parkash stops Adi. He says lights are done here. Parkash says you can’t hide your tears from me. I know your pain. Don’t feel alone. I am with you in every situation. Adi hugs him and cries. Parkash says don’t cry. You don’t have run from yourself. You are my son. You fate can’t be bad. Relax. I will fix everything.

Ajay is looking after the preparations. Rani makes the sehra. Parkash says to Prabha adi is not well. I am with you. Prabha says high five.
Ajay comes to Sartak’s room and says your sherwani is ready. He says where are you?He calls sartak but his phone is off. Ajay says I hope he is in home. Ajay looks everywhere.

Mishti and Kaviya ask Vani who looks pretty? Vani says you both look pretty. Vani says kaviya why are you so lost? Mishti and Kaviya hug Vani.
Ajay looks to Sartak. Sid says what happened? Sid says is sartak ready? Ajay says yes he is. I will bring him.
Ajay says where are you sartak. Vani says to Kaviya I am giving this set to anjali. Kaviya says sartak is your favorite. Adi overhears this. He is upset. Ajay says sartak where are you. I have to tell Rani. Parkash comes there.
Ajay says you.. Parkash says why you look worried? Ajay says sarrtak is nowhere. Parkash says he would be here don’t worry. Ajay says I am looking for him since an hour.

Nita gets Anjali ready. She says you look so pretty. Sartak would faint. Anjali says I am so scared.
Parkash says how can he go? Ajay says adi is nowhere as well. Parkash says I sent him to market but don’t know about Sartak. Ajay says Anjali’s family would be coming. Parkash says let me send my men. Ajay says let me tell Vani and rani. Parkash says no don’t make noise in the house. My men will look for him.

Rani asks adi where is sid? give this paste to sartak. He gets rashes.
Adi comes to Sartak’s room and says sartak where are you? Ma has sent paste for you. He looks at their photo. The paste falls on his feet. Sartak’s phone is off.

Precap-Adi asks Ajay where is sartak? Ajay says his phone is off as well. I don’t know where he is. Adi says I won’t let anything happen to him.
I will find him. Adi goes out to look for Sartak.

Written Update by Atiba

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