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Udaan 30th January 2018 Written Update: Chakor Loses Hope

The Episode starts with Suraj shouting on Chakor and sending her. Pakhi says great, you have made the rope noose so that she hangs and dies. He recalls and says I have made the noose myself, she is going to hang, no… Suraj runs shouting Chakor. Pakhi smiles. Ranvijay takes Imli upstairs. A man calls him out and says some woman has come to meet you. The woman keeps the vase right. Ranvijay asks who are you. She says I m Manju, I came to ask for work, I heard about you, you are a Devta for me. She praises him.

He falls in her words. He asks about her ghunghat. She says Lord gave me much beauty, mum asked me not to remove ghunghat, its a problem to be beautiful. He asks how shall I give you job without seeing your face. She shows her face. He stares at her. She says this ghunghat is for strangers,
you are dear to me. He drinks wine. He says your mum says right, you caught my evil sight, you got the job, meet Imli once. She thanks him.

Chakor says very good, Manju keep me informed. Suraj looks for Chakor. He gets shocked seeing her tying the rope. She asks why did you follow me. He asks why are you troubling me. She says you left me to die there at the lake, why don’t you say that you can’t see me dying. He says its nothing like that, I don’t care, I have come here as I have made this noose, you are trying to test me, I don’t like to pass in your test. He gets her down. He lifts her. Mahiya…..plays…. She says you don’t want me to die, you don’t want to have friendship with me. He says I don’t want to, stop this, I m tired of you, I will show you the way, if you really want to die. He asks her to jump down the cliff and die. He pushes her and goes. Mahiya….plays…. Chakor walks to the village and recalls Suraj’s words. She prays. She holds the diya. Pakhi asks for how long will you protect this diya, Suraj’s memory won’t come back.

Imli talks to the minister. She asks him to help. Manju asks Imli to pity her and give the job. Imli says you are not needed here, go from here. Ranvijay says she won’t go anywhere, I have given her the job, I asked her to meet you for permission. Imli says no one can go against me. He says she has much work in this haveli, she will stay here as Imli’s personal maid. Imli gets angry and asks how dare you go against me.

He twists her hand and says don’t force me to become an animal, I have done this for you, its election time. She says I know you are very mad. He says I want to find proof that Suraj and Chakor are together. She says he is loyal to me. Ranvijay comes to Suraj. He scolds Suraj and asks why didn’t you save Chakor, do you want to prove you are not with her, Imli got fooled, but I won’t get fooled. He holds Suraj’s neck. Suraj says no, I m not fooling anyone, I did many mistakes, but I won’t do any mistake again, I swear on Imli, I will never save Chakor.

Suraj stops Chakor and asks her to leave her madness, he will accept her friendship. She smiles and holds his hand. Mahiya….plays….

Written Update by Amena

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