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Udaan 28th November 2017 Written Update: Chakor Loses Her Child

The Episode starts with Suraj saying my heart is sinking Chakor. He tries to call her. He gets a taxi and leaves. Chakor gets beaten up by the goons. Suraj asks the driver for phone. The driver gives phone. He hits a stall. Suraj apologizes to the vendor and says I will pay for your loss, I will buy toys too, my wife is pregnant, tell me how much money. The lady says its abshagun to buy toys before child’s birth. Suraj says I don’t believe all this. He buys toys and leaves. Bhaiya ji hits Chakor away. She cries and shouts my baby…. Chakor loses her baby. She starts bleeding. She falls down and faints. Bhaiya ji looks on. Goon says she fainted. Bhaiya ji says we will beat her when she gets conscious, I will kill her today, go out and have a tea.

Pakhi says let me go to Chakor. Bhaiya ji
asks Pakhi to come and cry for Chakor. Pakhi asks Chakor to get up and say something. She beats Bhaiya ji and says you are a sinner. Bhaiya ji does drama and says I didn’t kill her, she is alive, I killed her child. He laughs. Imli comes and asks bhaiya ji what drama is he doing, why did he not kill Chakor. He says let me have fun, my fire is getting down slowly, what’s the hurry. She says it gets late when you don’t do anything soon, police is going to come, start running now. He asks how can police come here. She says maybe some villager informed police, you should have killed Chakor, you like doing drama, take Pakhi from here, I will manage the rest, no one doubts on me.

Bhaiya ji asks the goons to leave. He takes Pakhi with him. Pakhi scolds Imli. Imli says you don’t know anything, Chakor is the reason for this, if you tell anyone, I will not leave you and your family, just shut up. Bhaiya ji takes Pakhi. Imli sees Chakor. She scolds Chakor. She sits laughing and says your womb got empty like me, I want you to come to senses and know what happened to you, I want you to go through the pain of losing your child. She asks Chakor to get up.

Suraj is still on the way. He calls Chakor. Imli hears the phone ringing. Imli disconnects the call and switches off phone. Chakor gets conscious. She recalls she lost her child and screams. Imli hides and smiles seeing her. Chakor cries for her child. Chakor recalls the tortures and cries.

Chakor goes out. Imli says how can I let you get this happiness which I didn’t get, you are going to your death, go to Bhaiya ji, he is waiting for you, I lost my child, even then I won, Chakor has lost. She laughs.

Bhaiya ji says no one can stop me now. Chakor says I will stop you devil. He asks her not to get ahead. He gets shocked seeing little Chakor. Chakor scolds him. The angry villagers go ahead to kill him.

Written Update by Amena

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