Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi today sees a twist in the tale and also the introduction of a new negative-Dev Dixit(Shaheer Sheikh) -the super possessive-aggressive hubby who scares the love of his life Sona(Erica Fernandes) herself. The family sits hearing Dev’s official software launch as Dev thanks his mother Ishwari(Supriya Pilgaonkar), Soha his little princess, the entire family and last his lady who he says he is extremely lucky to have Sonakshi. Radha Rani(Alka Mogha) worries as she notices that Dev did not take Vicky’s(Vaibhav Singh) name. Vicky on the other hand walks around tensed about his next move and Dev walks in asking him what would he do now and will he call Thakkar now,Dev says he lacked brains to compete with The Dev Dixit and so Dev actually did not enjoy this game. As the family is shocked beyond words they see Dev drag Vicky into their midst. He answers Ishwari when she question him about misbehaving with his own younger brother,Dev says he has no younger brother anymore.Dev tells Ishwari how he shared everything with his brother and how Vicky was trying to sell his secrets to his rival. He further adds he also seperated him from his life partner Sonakshi. Dev explains how Vicky took over the Bose house and blamed Dev for it which became the prime reason behind the years of separation between Dev and Sona. Dev goes on to add Vicky was the reason he could not be a part of his Soha’s delivery and could not hold his little Soha. Dev asks Vicky to leave the house. Radha Rani begs of forgiveness saying it is all her own fault as she was the one who kept hiding Vicky’s mistakes. Ishwari turns to Dev for a final plead to forgive Vicky but Dev refuses to forgive him even as Radha Rani runs to Sona to ask her to convince Dev. Dev walks away and Vicky packs his bags. Radha Rani asks Vicky where he would go and also tells him to take her with him. He asks her to stay strong and not to make it all difficult for him.Sona walks in to talk to a Never-Ever -Seen -Before -Angry Dev, and this time Sonakshi Bose cannot make him listen to her. Dev grabs her to him and corners her asking how she could hide this from him. He asks her what kind of a family is this, he says she might be large hearted as to forgive the guy who made her lose her 7 precious years but he is not. He bangs his hand again and again on the wall behind her and stares into her eyes with his red angry eyes. She is scared now! We see Sona like we have never seen her before, we see Sona shaken-scared and speechless as she witnesses such a drastic change in the Dev that she loved so dearly. Dev holds her to him saying he will not let anybody come between them again and he makes a statement to her that he wants to know every single thing about her from now on. He crushes her against him as he mutters to himself that he loves her so much.Vicky meets Elena(Prerna Panwar) and says he knows she does not care for him. He says she would have come with him if she did really care. Elena says she cannot take Golu and walk out with him. Golu is disturbed to see his BigCha acting wierd and wants his father to say sorry to Big Cha and stay back in the house. Vicky walks out of the house even as Radha Rani cries and Ishwari consoles Mamaji saying he is the father and he is the only one who can do something. She asks him to hold Vicky’s hand and make him understand. Vicky goes and Dev clings on to Sona like she is the breath of life he lets go off and he dies, Sona is too overwhelmed to understand her Dev right now.


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