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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th November 2017 Written Update: Nanda Continues Troubling!

Kanak wears Jai’s gifted gown and asks Uma how is she looking. Uma gets mesmerized with her bauty in a gown, but then realizes he was dreaming. He sees gown on bed. Kanak hiding in bathroom peeps thinking what her jealous husband is doing. Uma angrily throws gownon sofa, then picks it, checks it, reminisce Kanak and Jai enjoying ice cream, and drops turmeric paste on gown. Kanak gets happy t hat Uma is jealous, her love story is confirmed.

Aditya goes to desi casino to gamble and showing money to bouncer says he wants to play on a table where he can fill his pocket and shock spectators.

Ved helps Bhabho in her sweet shop. Vansh passes by hurriedly. Bhabho sees him and asks to help her, if he is not ashamed to see his grandma working. Vansh says he is in a
hurry and will return soon. Nanda Maasi enters. Bhabho greets her. Maasi says her son returned after 8 years and she is getting him married, so thought of profiting samdhis and even inviting them, asks if Bhabho will accept verbal invitation. Bhabho says why not. Maasi asks to come with family this time, last her grandson Vansh did not come and eloped with Saras. Bhabho apologizes Maasi for that. Maasi says she does not want trouble from Ved this time as he loves Payal and did not know Payal had childhood marriage already with her son Aditya. She continues that Ved had even come to Ladno, and Uma’s goon trashed him. She gives sweet list and says she will pay once sweets are delivered as she did not money and Kanak has hidden her locker key. Once she leaves, Vansh asks Ved if he loves Payal. Ved says yes, but he came to know about Kanak and Uma’s relationship, he backed off.

Aditya plays cards in casino and wins at first, gets heavily inebriated and then loses 18 lakhs. BHe angrily breaks table. Bouncers insist to pay 18 lakhs plus table money. Aditya misbehaves with them heavily inebriated. Bouncers warn they will break his bones. They torture another gambler for 5000 rs debt. One of them lifts Aditya in air and warns to pay 18 lakhs right now and then says 20 lakhs for creating havoc. Aditya agrees.

Maasi returns home tells Kanak that she is coming from her maika and gave them sweets order. She taunts kanak a bit. Aditya calls Payal and says he cannot see her pain, he knows she does not consider him as husband, but she can consider him a friend, she can come and meet him now. Payal agrees. Aditya thinks Kanak does not know he has a trump car, Payal. Payal leaves home silently at night. Kanak thinks where she is going and follows her. Payal gets into Aditya’s car and leaves. Kanak sits in car dickie.

Precap: Aditya sells Payal to brothel. Payal asks if he brought her here to sell. Aditya says let me earn some more profit and gets Kanak from car dickie and sells even her. Goons ask them to wear pr*stitute clothes and dance.

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