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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th November 2017 Written Update: Kanak Outwits Aditya And Nanda

Aditya asks jeweler price of diamond set. Jeweler says 7 lakhs. Aditya says that is all and goes to Maasi’s room and opens room and is shocked to see it empty without money. Maasi also enters and is shocked. Kanak walks in and says secret donation money went to secret donation and as Maasi said in Pushkar, there is no receipt for secret donation. She walks out smirking at them. Jeweler tells Uma that he is getting late and will collect money later. Uma asks him to wait as he does not take debt. Jeweler praises Uma. Aditya returns and says he gave money to Maasa for charity when his memory returned. Uma praises he is like Maasi. Kanak says he is right, both mother and son are same. Uma asks jeweler to take money later. Jeweler asks when should he come. Maasi says
in the evening.

Kanak dances with Suman and Shiv while Uma works sitting on sofa. She tells Suman that she wants to dance with Uma and asks her to give her some idea. Suman says only mini pandit Shiv can convince Uma. Kanak says let us try, walks to Shiv and asks if he wants to become her dance partner. Shiv happily agrees and dances with her. She says dance partner should be of same stature and Uma is of her stature, but he knows only to walk stiffly on his legs. Shiv takes it as a challenge and drags Uma to for a dance. Uma dances with him and Kanak joins. Uma slips. Kanak says Shiv she told Uma cannot dance. Uma yells at her and leaves. Palomi who watches their dance jealously taunts Kanak. Kanak walks behind him and asks what happened to him. He says she should go and dance with Jai, when she can have ice cream with him, she can even dance. Kanak says Jai is her college best friend and an ice cream was obvious, why he is feeling jealous then. Uma leaves. Kanak thinks he is jealous, gets happy repeating and thinks Uma also loves her, that is why Daku Singh was angry since 2 days, now she has to increase his jealousy and make him propose her.

Aditya says Maasi that Kanak is really dumb, she does not know mom can hide money in other places also, asks Maasi to give him money soon. Maasi says she is not getting her keys. Kanak enters and laughs on them. Aditya calls her chipkali/lizard and says mom will call key maker and open almari. Kanak says that is what she wants so that everyone know Maasi’s true face. Aditya angrily tries to hit her. She warns him dare not to touch her, else he will repent. She challenges that she will protect her husband from both mom and son duo and will expose their true face. She leaves. Aditya says he got credit card and shows her. She asks what is it. He sees card pieces and shouts Kanak did it, she made them beggars literally. Maasi says she has 1 lakh. Aditya says he has talent to convert 1 lakh into 10 lakhs and leaves with money bundle.

Kanak walks to her room and seeing Uma thinks of making him more jealous. She asks why he was angry on Jai. He says he told what he felt. She says Jai gave her special dress and asked to wear on special occasion, she will wear it, if Uma has any problem with it. Uma says why should he. Kanak wears beautiful gown and asks Uma how is she looking. He gets mesmerized with her beauty.

Precap: Kanak taunts Maasi it is dusk and Aditya did not come yet. Maasi says he will come with money and jewelry and will marry Payal. Aditya thinks Kanak does not know about his trump card. Payal leaves house at night. Kanak sees her and thinks where she is going at this time

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