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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th August 2017 Written Update: Kanak, Cheater?

Police arrests Uma and takes him in a jeep. Uma reminisce Maasi telling she has seen Kanak’s real fae, she can go to any extent with her arrogant brothers to harm him. Kanak cries in the middle of road and gets a shock when a vehicle stops in front of her. She apologizes, but people surround a child and scold him why he came on road alone. She is shocked to see Shiv and gets concerned, asks him if he is fine and how did he come here, who brought him here. People ask if this child is her relative and walk away scolding her to not let child outside. Shiv asks Kanak what is he for her, why did he leave her alone. He says she said she is going for 2 days, but did not return at all. She gave him halwa so that he can remember he. He confronts her that her love for them was a lie,
she acted as her bhabhi and Uma’s wife, Uma is a fool to trust he, she betrayed them for just a shop, she broke Uma’s trust on Bholenath, she broke his expectationson his bhabhi, she is selfish. He and his family will regret why they got related to her. Kanak stands silently.

Police removes Uma’s waist belt, taweez, and other belongings. Commissioner Arpita tells she heard he is very powerful in Ladno, but here his power will not work, he insulted woman in lieu of holy scriptures, he cannot dare insult a woman here. Uma says she is thinking wrong, he respects women, even in scriptures it is written to respect women, so he is silent, else nobody can dare to put Uma Shankar in lockup. Arpita orders inspector to put Uma in lock up. Uma is about to enter lockup when Kanak enters and stops them. She asks if there is a place for 2 people in jail. She walks to Uma.

Payal’s mother informs Maasi that Uma is in jail, Payal informed her that Shiv eloped to Pushkar, so she sent her men to find him and they brought Shiv back and informed that Uma is in jail. Maasi says which officer dared to arrest Uma, Uma himself is a law, what wrong did he do. Mother says he did wrong by marrying Kanak, she complained against him and she knows if a wife complains against husband, nobody can save husband.

Arpita asks Kanak if she believes she betrayed Uma and his family. Kanak says yes, she broke Uma’s trust as a wife, his sister’s trust as a bhabi, his brother’s trust as a bhabhi, his mother’s trust as a bahu just for Bhabho’s shop, she snatched Uma’s family’s peace. She asks to question her more. Arpita continues questioning and Kanak continues repeating her mistakes. She says she betrayed that family that she will not be able to fill their wounds on heart, physical wounds will heal but not mental wounds. She did this for Bhabho’s shop, but harmed a family by mistake, she deserves punishment. Arpita asks if she is taking this decision with much thought, if she needs some time.

Precap: Maasi takes kaali maa’s oath to punish Kanak and save Uma. Ved tells Kanak not to worry, fast track court will punish Uma. Bhabho and Kanak get tensed seeing Uma at door.

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