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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th November 2017 Written Update: Kanak Ruins Aditya’s Plan

Kanak gets emotional hearing Uma praying for Payal’s happy life and thinks she heard till now that a few people’s heart is of gold, she saw it in Uma, though Uma gets distracted by Maasi’s tricks sometimes. Maasi enters and asks if she finished her talk to Ved and Payal and says she will kick her out of this house soon from his house music, already Ved, Vansh and Payal hate Uma, how will she save Uma from their curses. She continues that as a woman, she can understand what woman’s curse is, she cannot save Uma now. Kanak challenges Maasi that she will save Uma from her heinous plans.

Aditya wearing groom’s sherwani walks to Uma and says he is going to give Payal her right and will keep her happy whole life. He taunts Kanak and walks towards Payal’s room when
Kanak stops her. He yells at her to move. Uma asks what is happening. Kanak says Payal fulfilled her duty as wife and now it is Aditya’s duty to fulfill husband’s duties and marry Payal live as Payal married his photo last time. Uma say she is right, Aditya will marry Payal after 10 days. Kanak that he is right. Maasi interferes and says how can younger brother marry when elder brother’s marriage is about to break. Kanak says she is leaving this house happily and does not have any regret. Uma feels sad hearing that. He gives his locker keys and asks Aditya to take money from locker for marriage expenses. Aditya gets happy. Kanak says Aditya will not touch Uma’s money and must be wanting to bear marriage expenses from his hard earned money. Aditya shouts what. Maasi says Kanak is right, Aditya will bear expenses with his hard earned money. Kanak smirks at Aditya. Payal closes door and destroys room decoration.

Aditya in his room fumes that chipkali/Kanak is troubling a lot, he will not work and is not habituated to. Maasi asks him not to worry, she has Uma money which she took for charity. He says he already spent it. Maasis ays she has looted Uma a lot before in lieu of charity and shows him cupboard full of money. He gets excited seeing money and says heard nagin/snake sits on money and live today. Maasi scolds if he is calling his mother as nagin.

Uma calls jeweler, Kanak and Payal check necklaces and like them. Uma asks to show some low expensive ones. Jeweler says he did buy less expensive designs till now. Aditya enters and asks to show more expensive designs, like diamond sets. Jeweler shows diamond mangalsutra. Payal checks it and says why so expenses. Aditya says he does not mind and asks its price. Jeweler says 7 lakhs. Aditya says that is all and says he will get money. Kanak gets tensed. Aditya walks to room and finds cupboard empty.

Precap: Uma dances in Aditya’s sangeet and scolds Kanak that if she wants to dance, she should with Jai. Kanak realizes Uma is feeling jealous. She wears a beautiful dress and asks Uma how is she looking.

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