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Swim Team 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

kanika calls Deepum and also Pixy, Coach tells that Rowdy rugged may be the safe bet since Rewa features more damaging factors.. Rewa cries.. Umang tells never to consider tension and also loose trust.. Abruptly Pixy, Deepum and also Kanika occurs..
Deepum scolds Rewa and also tells they does Gambling and they’ll indicate the actual picture to help TK.. Deepum, Pixy and also Kanika runs.. Bhagat runs in it,, Rewa cries tells they ought to find all of them, Deepum will try to help send out the actual photos yet Bhagat occurs and also snatches the telephone… Pixy tells Bhagat which he is usually supporting cheater’s.. Bhagat turn off the telephone, Deepum tells that they can certainly not effortlessly keep Rewa and also calls her “BLOODY CHEATER”.. Bhagat tells to help turn upwards and stop this.. He or she tells that this reviews usually are inappropriate,, Rewa tells to help keep it.. Bhagat tells that Rewa just isn’t a new cheater. Pixy states to help tells definitely, He or she tells that Rewa features Asthma..
Rewa cries and also tells she has Asthma and also she cover this from many.. And also she required Inhaler due to that her survey usually are good and also lied to you to every one.. Your lover tells Deepum to demonstrate the actual photos to coach TK, Rewa goes…Umang tells that Rewa is usually “Mahesh Mathur” little girl and also calls Deepum and also Pixy egotistical.. Rewa tells Umang to talk about on her behalf leap, Coach tells Umang can certainly enhance the selling price income using the actual Palm cuffs, Rewa tells not any since it is unsafe.. Jai to help tells not any.. Pixy tells Deepum they really should apologise Rewa, Kanika tells that she dont hve any choice.. Umang swallows a dive…Bhagat tells Jai they dont can pay for and also cannot accumulate two lakh rupees in a week.. Pixy, Deepum and also Kanika occurs and also tells they’ll take part and also apologises.. Deepum tells Rewa that this key are going to be help save and they’ll in addition leap.. Coach tells that this obstacle safe bet is usually Umang and definately will acquire twenty-five thousands of.. Rewa cries and also tells that it is hard to help generate close to this much profit quite less occasion..

Precap::Jai tells that he cannot do he has pain in shoulder,Rewa is confused

Written Update By Sahir


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