… where she went black for a couple of seconds while shooting for the fire-fighting sequence.
Sonarika Bhadoria who will soon be seen in Sony TV’s mega show Prithvi Vallabh recently met with a tragedy.

Yes, You heard it right! It such happened that Sonarika was shooting for a fire-fighting sequence where she went black for a couple of seconds post a fire blast which was a part of the sequence. However, the actress was fortunate as she didn’t suffer any injuries.

We contacted Sonarika who told us, “Yes, but Thank God that nothing major happened. There was a sequence which included a small fire blast and the blast happened so close to me that I literally felt the heat on my face. It was so close that I was numb and had a complete blackout for few seconds. But as they say, all’s well that ends well.”

Well, we are truly glad that the actress is safe and healthy.


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