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Shani 30th November 2017 Written Update: Dhamini Is Hurt By Shani’s Words

|| We must remain patience and calm under any circumstance. Shani teaches that one does not need to be afraid of anything or anyone till the time one has pious intentions behind their karmas. ||

Dhamini looks back at Shani but he is walking in another direction. She reminds herself of the motive behind her coming here. Your main motive is to make your father happy which is why you must understand that your and Shani’s paths are different. They are the ends of the same thread. They head in their respective directions.

Shani comes to the temple and looks at Shivlinga. He thinks of Mahadev’s words. Ravan’s hands got hurt and even the Pushpak Viman has been destroyed but Ravan’s wish to take Mahadev with him is still as strong as it was before. I must find a way out before Ravan returns
to Kailash again. He invokes Narayan’s presence to seek his help. Narayan points out that he is in a fix. You promised Parvati you will protect her husband and you have also promised Mahadev that you wont interfere between him and his devotees. You are bound by the promises made to the husband and wife. How will you balance it? Shani says this is why I invoked your presence. Narayan assures him they will find a solution.

Ravan’s hands are still badly bruised. I worshipped my Mahadev using these hands yet they got punished because of you (Shani). He hears someone laughing and demands to know who it is. Narad Muni greets him. Forgive me but I feel you are getting lost yet again. You cannot even greet your Mahadev in this condition. How will you punish Shani then? Your vow to take Mahadev with you will also not come true this way. Do something. Ravan agrees he is right. I must not go to Kailash right now. It will take around 2 days for the wounds to heal. My Mahadev will be with me for forever afterwards. Narad Muni nods. We are also waiting eagerly to witness it. We will meet again soon. Saying so, Narad Muni disappears.

Surya Dev tells everyone to start the bhoj but Chhaya wants to wait for Chitrarath and Dhamini. They enter just then. Devraj is mesmerised by her beauty. Chitrarath looks at Dhamini. Yam is also looking at her but her eyes stop at Shani. She looks away when her father looks in her direction. Surya Dev addresses everyone. We have kept this Bhoj to celebrate the impending wedding. Mangal tells Devraj there will be arguments here instead of celebrations. I don’t have to tell you who will be blamed afterwards. Chhaya thinks to start the bhoj but Surya Dev wants to first introduce Mangal to everyone. I want to ask him how he feels to be a part of our family. Mangal calls himself blessed to become a part of their own. I am ready to do all my duties. Son has the right / duty to fulfil all the duties in the absence of the head of the family. When son fails in doing so (looking at Shani), it becomes the duty of a SIL to shoulder those responsibilities. Be it Uttarayana yagya or Grah-Yuddha, Surya-putra Shani dint leave any chance to mess things up. Even an evil person protects his people but there are some people who change the meaning of right and wrong for their own selfishness. Yami advises him to first get to know the difference between right and wrong. You are unaware of what Surya family went through all those years. You don’t have a right to point fingers at anyone. Yam seconds Mangal. Everyone knows what happened. Some people enjoy giving pain to people and they don’t even spare their family. Kakol tells him to stop. You are insulting Surya family only by insulting Shani before everyone. Don’t forget that Shani is also a part of Surya family. Chitrarath tells Dhamini to support Yam and take his family’s side. Kakol asks Yam how he is insulting the same person who saved Yami from Chandra Dev!

Dhamini tells Kakol not to forget his limits. You are just a bird and not a human being. A bird does not have a right to argue with a God. Who are you to argue with Surya-putra Yam? You are neither a part of this family nor a guest here. You are only Shani’s carriage. A carriage only moves in the direction where it is pointed at. Don’t forget your limits. Kakol is about to say something but she does not let him. Shani interrupts her thereby pointing out that even she has no right to speak when the discussion actually concerns him. He pushes Kakol aside and looks at her angrily. If Kakol is my carriage then you are also nothing more than a dancer, just a dancer! You made us everyone happy with your dance but Kakol’s favours can never be paid back so before stopping Kakol, tell me with which right are you interfering between Surya family’s matters. You are also not a part of this family. Your father must have taught you not to interfere in family matters as I am sure he is capable of giving you more knowledge about family than anyone else. Chhaya advises Shani to keep a tab on his bitter words. Dhamini has every right as I have called her my daughter. She has a right to question anyone from Surya family but you! Dhamini runs away from there in tears. Chhaya tells Shani that one cannot expect anything from him. I only wanted the celebration to happen nicely today but it cannot happen when you are around! Devraj and Mangal smirk at each other.

Dhamini is hurt by Shani’s words. He knows everything yet he doesn’t know that how much his bitter words can hurt people. Love is the language of words and emotions. Your words and emotions aren’t in sync sometimes. I was so mad to not focus on what I have been taught all my life. Now I will focus on my goal. I am girl who can never make a decision regarding her own life. I made a mistake. I forgot that I am a girl after all! I hate you Shani! She cries for a moment but then wipes her tears. You will have to pay for the pain you have given me!

Narad Muni tells Narayan that Ravan’s wounds would take 2 days to heal. I tried to stop him by saying that his hands must be fine before he meets Mahadev again. He has 2 days time. Shani finds it weird that Ravan accepted it all so easily.

Ravan laughs as he looks at his hands. I warned you (Shani) in my first meeting itself and told you not to mistake me to be an ordinary Brahmin. I am also a shrewd warrior who surprises his opponents with his talents and skills. I am Ravan after all!

Shani says when he stood there rooted to his ground even after sacrificing his 9 heads, he cannot back off so easily. Truth is it is Ravan who has diverted Devrishi’s minds. He has something else going on in his mind.

Ravan decides to reach Kailash tomorrow morning itself. I will force Mahadev to come with me. This time Shani wont be able to stop me.

Precap: Dhamini decides to not forget Shani till the time he apologizes to her. I wont apologize to him. she turns and finds herself facing Shani. He asks her why he should apologize when he dint do anything wrong. Will two opposite poles attract? Ravan reaches Kailash to meet Mahadev. Will Shani be able to save Mahadev this time?

Written Update by Pooja

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