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Shani 29th November 2017 Written Update: Dhamini Realises Her Love For Shani!

|| Just like diya has to bear the heat to spread light, similarly one must also bear pain to make our loved ones understand their duties. Shani teaches that one must not sway from the path of righteousness come what may. ||

Epi begins with Mahadev saying I would like to give Ravan another chance if he returns. I wont like it if anyone would interfere then, not even you. Shani agrees and promises him he wont interfere in anything on Kailash next time if Ravan returns.

Mangal says there is only little time left. Once I marry Yami, I will easily defeat Shani and get Surya Loka under my control. Devraj points out that it isn’t so easy tod efeat Shani. I have failed many times! Now he has become smarter in playing bigger games than me. Mangal refuses to ebar Shani’s interference this time.if

he comes in my way then I will send him to a place where he wont able to return. Devraj asks him what he means. Mangal relates that when they were in the house of marriage, Shani only succeeded in defeating me and Rahu because of the presence of some unknown person there. It protected him at that moment. I am sure someone is going to enter in his life very soon as it was the house of marriage. Devraj asks him how it will benefit them. It is anyways impossible for a detached guy like Shani to marry! Mangal says it doesn’t matter if he is interested in marriage or not but he will surely have a wife. I will use that very relation to destroy Shani! Mangal Dosha threatens the life of your spouse and you even lose your life sometimes. If Shani will fight with me again then I will inflict Mangal Dosha on him because of which his wife will have to bear its effect. It will take Shani down.

Dhamini enters and apologizes to both of them. Yami called me here. I thought she would be here so I came here. She takes their leave. Mangal remarks that they should now wait for Shani’s married life to begin.

Devi Parvati asks Shani about his promise to Mahadev. It is a strange situation. Both the problem and solution is Mahadev’s devotee. Shani assures her he will always keep his Drishti on Ravan. Bad intentions will never let Ravan succeed because karmas are bound by their karamfal!

Yami tells Dhamini that bride also dances in her wedding. I thought to learn dance from you. Dhamini agrees to teach her. We do from heart. That which gives peace to our heart is dance! Yami goes quiet. Dhamini asks her if she isn’t happy. Yami lies that she is very happy but she is concerned as her family has grand expectations from the wedding. Father wants it to be a grand occasion. Mother is looking after all the preps personally. Nana Shree is helping her in everything while Yam! Dhamini tells her to stop lying to herself and her. You don’t need to lie to me. Yami denies. Dhamini says you spoke of every member of Surya family but you dint utter a word for your would-be husband. I realise how much it matters to make your father happy. I know that feeling. Free yourself from that. Every girl feels lucky to do something for her father so do it from your heart. They start the dance practise. Dhamini goes blank noticing Shani there but very soon realises that it was just her imagination. Yami asks her why she stopped. Dhamini resumes dancing again but sees Shani everywhere. She tells herself to have a grip on her mind. Who are you thinking about? That Shani isn’t here. She starts dancing again and sees Shani again. This time she thinks it to be her illusion. Don’t try to divert me again and again. I know that you are just my imagination. She extends her hand to touch him and is able to do so. She looks down in shock. Yami smiles. Shani says seems like you have taken Vedant too seriously. It helps us imaging things very much. Dhamini agrees to teach the rest of the dance to Yami tomorrow and rushes out. Shani looks at her in puzzlement and notices his sister smiling at him. What happened? She tells him to focus on Vedant. I have understood Maya. He looks at her in confusion.

Dhamini is smiling broadly and takes Shani’s name. I might not be able to ever tell you what is in my mind but maybe I have started falling for you Surya-putra. Chitrarath adds Yam’s name shocking her. Chitrarath tells her she has made him really happy. The day isn’t far when my dream will come true. Now that illegitimate Shani will understand how pious relations are formed. The life of Gandharvas is based on 2 things – art and respect. We worship art and respect is the base of our lives. Our life is incomplete without them. You are so talented and today I am sure you will make me proud. Surya family is very respectable in my eyes and it will be my biggest achievement when you will marry in this family. Now you too have started loving Yam. I want you to win his heart now and everything will slowly fall in place. She thinks of Shani’s words and thinks to tell her father what is really in her heart. I feel nothing is more important than Yami and Mangal’s wedding right now. Chitrarath points out that he has never forced her to follow his orders. I don’t want anyone to think that you dint get the right upbringing in the absence of your mother and you dint marry in the right family. This is why I always wanted you to marry in a nice and elite family. A grand Bhoj has been organized today. I want you to meet Yam. No one knows what will happen. We might become witness to 2 weddings at once. Who knows!

Dhamini is worried thinking about her father’s words. Tears stream down her face as she thinks of Shani. I don’t know who to choose – father’s respect or my own happiness? She wipes her tears. It is enough. Now I will have to decide thinking about what is right or wrong. She goes quiet noticing Shani coming there. She tells herself not to worry. Don’t even look in his direction. He must not feel that you are thinking about him only.

Shani and Dhamini walk past each other. He doesn’t even so much as look at her. She turns and stares at him. She advises herself not to fall for Shani. Focus on reality. It is altogether different. You might be very beautiful for the world but this detached Shani wont look back at you even once. She turns and starts walking. Shani turns and looks at her. He resumes walking by the time she turns to look at him again.

Precap: Kakol tells Dhamini not to forget that Shani is also a part of Surya family. Dhamini tells Kakol not to forget his limits. You are neither a bird nor a human being. A bird does not have a right to argue with a God. Shani points out that even she has no right to speak when the discussion actually concerns him. If Kakol is my carriage then you are also nothing more than a dancer.

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