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Shani 28th November 2017 Written Update: Mahadev’s Ananda Tandava!

|| To solve any problem, one must not resort to lies. It makes us weak and brings bad results for them. Shani teaches that one must never resort to such path. We must face problems honestly. This is the best path. ||

Ravan looks at Kailash. I will very soon take my Aradhya with me to Lanka! Shani calls it his dream. Dreams are the first step to defeat. Ravan says I knew I would surely meet you on my way here. Shani says I thought you would give up on the idea of coming here after my warning. You are so knowledgeable. Think once. If Mahadev wanted to stay with you in Lanka then he would have chosen to stay the day he appeared before you. Just like you are Lankapati, Mahadev is Kailashpati. It is his world which is impossible for him to give up. Mahadev and Kailash are inseparable. Ravan says if Mahadev
does not wish to leave Kailash then I will life Kailash and take it with me. Step out of my way! Shani moves out of his way and stands behind him. Ravan smiles seeing him thus and heads towards Kailash.

Devi Parvati looks at Narayan. They see Ravan trying to lift Kailash. Mahadev is meditating. Narayan lifts him a little. Ravan manages to move / lift Kailash and chants Har Har Mahadev! Look Shani. I have lifted Kailash! Narayan says Ravan found Kailash to be weightless as Mahadev is not sitting on Kailash right now. He plays conch. Ravan hears it and wonders where it came from. Mahadev wakes up and just keeps his toe down. Ravan starts facing trouble in lifting Kailash and has to let go. His hands get stuck under it. He asks Mahadev to help him. I am your biggest devotee.

Nandi says it is good. This arrogant Ravan will die today. Shani agrees that he is arrogant but his devotion is pure. Such devotion can make one do anything.

Ravan repeatedly takes Mahadev’s name in pain. Devi Parvati asks Narayan what will happen now. Narayan remarks that this problem has surfaced because Ravan chose to lift Kailash. Now only Mahadev can save him.

Ravan requests Mahadev to accept his devotion. I only came to take you with me. He begins to chant Om Namah Shivaye. He chants a strotam in Mahadev’s praise. Mahadev smiles hearing it and does tandava. Nandi remarks that Mahadev is really pleased by Ravan’s devotion and is doing Ananda tandava. Shani affirms the fact. Mahadev does this tandava when he is really pleased with someone’s worship.

Ravan smiles and chants Om Namah Shivaye noticing Mahadev’s happy face. Devi Parvati tells Shani that Mahadev will get angry if he finds out that you are behind Ravan trying to lift Kailash. Shani says I don’t have any guilt of what I did. It was my karma. I am ready to answer Mahadev if I have to.

Mahadev appears there. Ravan’s hands are freed but they are badly bruised. He still folds them in reverence.

Devi Parvati says he is again pleased with Ravan’s worship. Hope he wont agree to go to Lanka with Ravan.

Ravan says I am so lucky to see you doing Ananda tandava. Mahadev says your worship touched me which is why this Stuti will be remembered for life. It will be known as Shiva Tandava Strotam in the world. Ravan says it means you are happy with me. Mahadev explains that he gave him an option to come to Kailash and take Lanka with him but you lost because of your arrogance. You disrespected the pious land of Kailash by doing this which is why I wont accompany you to Lanka. Ravan accepts his mistake. It would be better for me to leave. Please excuse me. Mahadev stops him. How can I let my devotee go like this? I wish to cure your wounds before you leave. Shani asks Ravan what happened. You came to take Mahadev with you using the same strength. What is the real definition of it? Ravan tells him not to point fingers at his strength. I can cure these and many more wounds with my power. He turns to Mahadev. You can cure my wounds by Shani’s words wont cure my pain. I don’t want these wounds to be cured. Mahadev accepts his wish. I want to give you something in return of your act. He gives Ravan a weapon (Chandrahas Khadag). No one can bear its attack. You will be undefeatable when you will use it. Ravan thanks him for this boon. I promise you I will come to Kailash once again to take you wish me. I promise you! He stares at Shani for a moment before finally walking away.

Dhamini is thinking about what Shani had told her and of her discussion with Kakol. A smile appears on her face. A lady informs her that Yami wants to see her. Dhamini thinks she would have called her to discuss

Mahadev asks Shani why he had to create hurdles in the path of Ravan. I know that Ravan is the servant of his arrogance and this is his weakness. You used it to make him do wrong deeds. Shani replies that Ravan is his ultimate devotee. His worship forced you to do Ananda tandava and that devotion was a result of his painful cry. I have no enmity with Ravan but I hope this pain will bring him on the right path. You are free to go to Lanka leaving Kailash and your family behind if you think what I did was wrong. I am waiting for your decision. Mahadev says I have already taken my decision. A while ago, I told Ravan I wont go with him as he disrespected Kailash. I would like to give him another chance if he returns. I wont like it if anyone would interfere then, not even you.

Precap: Dhamini sees Shani and thinks it to be her illusion but realises that he is indeed standing before her. Dhamini says I might not be able to tell you what is going inside my mind right now but maybe I have started falling for you. Their paths are so different but will they ever come together?

Written Update by Pooja

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