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Shakti 28th November 2017 Written Update: Preeto Feels Pain Of Losing Harman

The Episode starts with Mohini serving tea for Harak Singh. Shanno says she is still acting. Preeto asks Raavi and Balwinder to leave from her house. She then asks Veeran and Shanno also to leave. Veeran says Harman will return. Preeto says if my son can’t stay here then nobody will. She says she will stay here alone. She asks Mohini to leave too and says you can’t do my work. Mohini says Harman will return and would have told that angrily. Preeto asks her to leave. Mohini says she came with your wish, but will go with her wish. Preeto is about to slap her. Harak Singh stops her and asks what is Mohini’s mistake. Mohini says she got attached to this house people and says she will go once you people get fine. Preeto says my son left me, for whom I shall be fine. Harak singh is shattered too. Mohini
smiles, takes tea and looks in the house. She thinks if they thought me as housefly and thinks she will plan carefully.

Surbhi comes to meet Soumya. She asks if you are feeling good and says you always thought about others’ betterment, but everyone took advantage of our goodness. Soumya says she don’t feel bad about anything now as she wins at the end. She says Harman and her love is getting stronger day by day and says nobody can separate us as our love is real. She says she can’t change herself and will be same. Surbhi says I know, I came to make you understand but got myself understood. Kinnar praises Soumya. Soumya asks about everyone in the house.

Gurumaa asks Kareena if she didn’t go today to get nek. Kareena says Soumya will take years to get the grains and Harman will wash our clothes here. They laugh. Gurumaa asks why you hates Soumya so much. Kareena tells that her mum died because of Soumya and says she will hate her all life and will take revenge. Saya comes there and tells that Soumya didn’t do anything and told you the reason behind her decision. Kareena says she will always hate her.

Preeto comes to Harak Singh and asks him to bring her son back. Harak Singh says let him think. Preeto insists him to bring her. Harak Singh shouts at her and says he will think of something. He feels headache. Mohini tries to get closer to him and massages his head. Preeto gets on the terrace railing and calls Harman. Harman hears her voice and asks people on road if they call him. They say no. everyone is shocked to see Preeto on terrace. Veeran rescues her even though Preeto threatens to slap him. Preeto recalls childhood incident and cries saying she needs her son. She tells that where she was wrong if she thought to have a normal wife for her son, how can he love kinnar and cries. Raavi consoles her and makes her drink water.

A boy asks Harman for charity. Harman asks him to go and ask somewhere else. Soumya gives the grains to him. Boy blesses them. Harman asks why did you give the grains. Soumya says he is a kid and we need blessings at this time.

Preeto looks for Harman. Raavi says he will come. Preeto says if he had not come. Shanno asks what to cook? Preeto says want to have food and throws the utensils from the kitchen. Veeran calls Harak Singh and asks him to handle preeto. Preeto ruins kitchen.Harman tells Soumya that nobody shall get such parents and says Preeto jumped in the pond to gain my trust and asks which mum does such things.

Harman tells Soumya that he will never forgive Preeto. Preeto is trying to kick Mohini out. Harak Singh stops her and slaps Preeto hard. She asks her to apologize to Mohini and pushes her out of house. Preeto is shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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