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Savitri Devi 30th January 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Veer asking Sanchi, can they get back together and start afresh. Sanchi says it is very difficult for her to forget everything. Veer says sorry, and says I am hopeful that you will agree and promises to give her so much love that she forgets everything. He says I don’t wan’t you to agree forcibly and lights the candle. He says if you come before 4 hours then I will think you agreed else I will think your answer is no. Ria hears them and calls Gayatri. She tells her that Veer and Sanchi are getting back together, and he called Sanchi as Dean and proposed her. She says shall I call Dad. Gayatri says I will do something to make them separate that they can’t unite in this birth. She thinks if Veer diverts from his path then I have to remind him, he has to be in limits which I have decided for him. She asks Nurse to give right injection to Savitri and says she has to get back to her senses.

Dadi comes and asks if you gave medicines to her. Gayatri says yes, and thinks she has to send this old woman out. She tells her that she is feeling as if some evil eye fallen on their family, and that’s why she thought to go to temple with her, but tells how to leave Savitri alone. Dadi says she will go to temple and goes. Gayatri asks Nurse to give her double and triple dose and get her consciousness in an hour. Nurse says she may die. Gayatri says she don’t care even if she dies.

Sanchi thinks of Veer’s proposal. Kabir asks her what is she thinking? Sanchi tells him that Veer proposed her again and wants her to unite with him. She says I can’t hate him even though some much happened between them. Dr. Kabir tells that Veer don’t deserve forgiveness.

Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi not to do this mistake and says true love have no place for hatred. Sanchi says I am tired of lying to me, I can’t live without him and going to say yes to him. Gayatri twists Savitri’s hands, and slaps her asking her to gain consciousness, she says you have to gain consciousness else your son will go to Sanchi and you will lose him for forever. Savitri gains conscious. Gayatri smirks. Sanchi thinks your Sanchi is coming to you veer. Veer waits for her in the garden. Sanchi gets ready, applies make up and thinks of Veer’s good gestures and says it seems our togetherness is decided by destiny. She says you realized your mistake and my love is truthful, I will give you a chance, you have to promise that you will not leave me. Veer asks himself to stay positive.

Sanchi comes there and looks at Veer, who is far away from her. Just then a car comes and the goons kidnap and take her. Sanchi shouts Veer, but he don’t see her and thinks it is just his thought. Sanchi asks goon where are they? Veer comes to the hospital and asks wardboy if she came to hospital. He says no. Veer calls her. Sanchi’s phone rings. She picks the call, but goon snatched the phone and cuts the call. Veer thinks if Sanchi’s answer is no. He thinks to wait for her. The goons blind fold Sanchi and take her to Gayatri.

Savitri gives cheque to Sanchi and asks her to leave from Veer’s life. Sanchi refuses the money and promise to leave him. Veer still waits for her.

Written Update by H Hasan

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