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Savitri Devi 29th November 2017 Written Update: Dr. Malhotra Tries To Separate Savitri And Jaya’s Unity

The Episode starts with Sanchi coming to Dr. kabir and asks are you sure Dr. Malhotra got heart attack. Dr. Kabir says he is a professional and knows what he is doing. Sanchi says I forgave you for not supporting me and asks why is he helpless to help a murderer. Sanchi says before I lose respect for you, please tell me truth. Dr. Kabir shouts at Sanchi and scolds her for interfering his work. Veer tells Sanchi that Dr. Kabir is supporting Dr. Malhotra being blind folded. Dr. Kabir asks him to think about his father and says you are blind in love. Sanchi asks Veer to be with Dr. Malhotra and says you can know if he is acting or not.

Jaya comes to Dr. Malhotra and removed his oxygen mask. Dr. Malhotra acts as if he is having problem in difficulty and then laughs, says you can’t prove that
I am acting. Jaya says she will expose him. Dr. Malhotra says you have underestimated your enemy and says she can never expose him. Jaya goes out and calls Dadi and Savitri there. They see Dr. Malhotra lying on the floor. Dadi scolds Jaya and asks her to leave from the hospital else she will kill her.

Adarsh comes to Dr. Malhotra and says nothing will happen to you. Dr. Malhotra removes the mask and laughs. Adarsh says everyone is with them now. Dr. Malhotra says not really and says Jaya’s strength is Savitri and says I have a plan to separate them. He drinks wine. Sanchi asks Jaya why did you stop me. Jaya says mausi ji is like my sister and tells that Dr. Malhotra is fooling them. Sanchi promises to expose Dr. Malhotra. Veer comes and says you are not alone, we all will expose him altogether. Jaya says I trust you both. Ms. D’souza tells Sanchi that she has to check Dr. Sharma’s patient. Sanchi hears the sound and comes to dr. malhotra’s ward. She sees fan about to fall on him and asks him to get up. When he don’t get up, she pushes him off from the bed. Fan falls down. Dr. Malhotra acts as if his condition deteriorates. He says you wants to kill me. Sanchi is shocked.

Dr. Malhotra acts innocent and threatens to inform everyone. He runs out and asks Savitri to save him. He tells her that Sanchi wanted to kill him and made fan fall on him. Savitri asks Sanchi. Sanchi tells that she saved him. Savitri says she supported Jaya and Sanchi with trust. Dr. malhotra asks Savitri to believe on him. Veer asks him to stop his acting and says Sanchi saved you when she shouldn’t. Savitri scolds him and asks Adarsh to get the fans repaired. She asks Dr. Malhotra to rest and takes him inside.

Sanchi tells Veer that Dr. Malhotra wants to make Savitri against them. Later Dr. Kabir handovers Dr. Malhotra’s case to Sanchi. Savitri blames Sanchi for giving wrong medicine to Sanchi and is about to slap her, when Jaya holds her hand.

Written Update by H Hasan

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