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Savitri Devi 29th December 2017 Written Update: Sanchi Rusticates Veer From The Hospital

The Episode starts with Peon telling Sanchi that someone wants to talk to her about fresher’s party. Veer hopes Sanchi goes before Priya comes to hospital. Priya comes to hospital. Veer asks her to be there and says he will call Gynaec. Priya says she wants to surprise Vikrant and wants perfect life for her baby. Veer says ok. Priya thinks it is necessary for her to know if she is pregnant with male or female child. Sanchi again comes there and asks Priya, you are here, asks if you are fine. She says if you have any medical problem then tell me. Priya says she don’t need her help after whatever she has done with her family. She says she has some food poisoning which Veer will treat. Veer brings Dr. Neha and asks her to give results today itself. Sanchi collides with him. Veer asks if she has eyes or button. Once she goes, Veer asks Dr. Neha to come. She refuses and says she is very scared.

Veer says I am here, don’t worry. Dr. neha says if Dr. Sanchi comes to know this then she will fire me. Priya asks Veer to do something and says she wants test today itself. Veer asks her to sit and goes to talk to Doctor. Priya checks the time and calls Veer from hospital phone. Sanchi picks the call and hears her, thinks Veer and her phone got exchanged. She hears Priya telling that they would have get the test done outside, as it is risky, illegal and dangerous here. Sanchi gets shocked and thinks what he is trying to do. Veer convinces Dr. Neha and asks Priya to come. Vikrant wakes up and gets angry when he couldn’t find Priya. He gets angry on Rukmini and kicks the dustbin. He finds the pregnancy strip and gets happy seeing positive results. He gets tensed and thinks if Priya is doing something to my baby with Veer’s help. He calls Dr. Malhotra and asks where is Veer. Dr. Malhotra says he is in hospital.

Veer asks Priya not to take tension. Dr. Neha asks Veer to move and is about to give injection to Priya, when Sanchi comes there. She asks how dare you to do all this in my hospital. She asks Dr. Neha, you know that s*x determination is illegal. Dr. Neha says sorry and goes. Sanchi tells Veer that he spoke about ethics in Isha’s matters. Veer says he was doing this for Priya’s happiness. Sanchi says she will kick him out. Priya tells Sanchi that she made Veer agree, and tells that she wants to design the baby’s room blue or pink. Sanchi says what children have to do with colors and says thank god, I have reached there else you would have got procedure done. Vikrant thinks Priya came here to kill my baby. Vikrant comes there and asks Priya where she was gone. Priya says I wants to give you surprise. Veer says I am very surprised and asks her to come home. Priya thinks Vikrant will torture her. Sanchi thinks to punish Veer.

Vikrant asks Priya how dare she to think to harm the child. Priya says she was trying to get routine check up. Vikrant holds her neck. Rukmini comes and asks him to leave her as it is harmful for baby. Vikrant leaves her. He gets Dadi’s call and gives to Priya. Dadi congratulates her and asks her to give baby soon. Priya ends the call. Vikrant says I will punish you so that you don’t harm my child even in dreams. Sanchi tells Veer that she didn’t think that he will take advantage of being a doctor and says I am tired of shouting at you, Father and Son both are same, both enjoy to do illegal work. She signs on the rusticated papers and says you are thrown out of my hospital. She throws papers on his face and asks him to get out.

No Precap.

Written Update by H Hasan

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