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Savitri Devi 28th November 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Savitri telling Jaya that she got her daughter. Jaya asks her to handle her tension and says I got my son now. Sanchi says Maa and hugs her. Veer promises Sanchi that he will not have any complains with her and will just love her. They hug each other. Dr. Kabir gets Gayatri’s call and she asks him to be ready with the plan tomorrow. He says ok. Gayatri thinks just few mins after, Jaya will be ruined and Dr. Malhotra will be freed. Savitri tells everyone that the hospital belongs to Dr. Sunil Mishra and will be handover to mishra family. She asks Jaya to inaugurate Sunil’s idol kept there. Jaya says I am past of this hospital and asks Sanchi and Veer to do the inauguration. Sanchi and Veer hold each other hands and lift cloth from the idol/mannequin. Jaya thanks Savitri
and hugs her. Veer says come on, no rona dhona and asks Sanchi not to make her Papa upset. Sanchi nods.

Just then Gayatri breaks the mannequin with a rod. Jaya is teary eyes. Jaya shouts Gayatri. She is about to slap her, but Gayatri holds her hand and says I have broken your husband mannequin and you got angry, and asks her to think how she is feeling and says Dr. Malhotra got major heart attack because of her. Dr. Kabir brings Dr. Malhotra and asks Nurse to make OT ready.

Police also comes there and tells that Dr. Malhotra is bailed out due to his weak condition. Jaya says nothing happened to him and he is fooling everyone to get free. Sanchi says I will see what happened exactly. Jaya says Anand Malhotra is acting. Gayatri smirks. Jaya says a govt doctor will check Dr. Malhotra. Police says Dr. Malhotra is not acting and says Dr. Kabir is checking him. Savitri asks him to call govt doctor. Gayatri says no govt doctor will come here and says city’s best doctors are treating him. Inspector asks Gayatri not to interfere in the work. Govt doctor is called and he checks him. Vikrant and Priya come there. Dadi indirectly taunts Dr. Malhotra. Priya asks Savitri if she really thinks papa is acting. Savitri says she doesn’t know.

Vikrant tells Priya that Dr. malhotra shall get Oscars if he is really acting. Govt Doctor tells Jaya that Dr. Malhotra got heart attack. Gayatri asks Jaya if she is satisfied now and asks how much she will stoop. Savitri goes inside the ward. Gayatri and Dadi also go inside. Gayatri scolds Savitri and asks her to leave from the ward and says his family is with him. Dadi asks Savitri why she is taking revenge on them and says she is feeling hatred for her, and says you are not a good human and says Gayatri is better than you, atleast she didn’t leave him alone. Dr. Malhotra opens his eyes and asks Savitri if she is happy now and says your wish is fulfilled. Gayatri asks Savitri to go and says my husband’s condition deteriorates seeing your face. Savitri goes out.

Priya thinks what is happening here and thinks to talk to Savitri, but Vikrant stops her and says we will meet dad and leave. Priya says I will talk to maa for 2 mins. Vikrant threatens her. Savitri goes to hospital temple and asks God to make Anand fine. Jaya comes to her and says I can understand your concern. She says you know how Anand is? She says when hospital is about to name on Sunil, Dr. Malhotra feigned attack as he don’t want hospital to have Sunil name. Savitri says she want to be alone. Gayatri gives money to Govt Doctor and calls Vaidehi. She appreciates Vaidehi for making doctor lie and says she will see how Jaya proves it now. Jaya sees the broken mannequin and tells Sanchi that Dr. Malhotra is a cheap man and can go to any length. She says she will not leave him today.

Sanchi asks Dr. Kabir how did Dr. Malhotra got heart attack and asks him to tell truth before she loses respect for him. Jaya takes out oxygen mask and ventilator support away from Dr. Malhotra.

Written Update by H Hasan

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