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Savitri Devi 17th November 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jaya coming out of room holding kerosene oil can. Sanchi asks what it is doing in her room. Dadi asks what you are going to do and asks Sanchi to make her understand. Jaya says she is waiting for justice since 15 years and wants to get the guilty punished. They try to stop Jaya, and go with her. Pragya and Isha are in the farm house. She tells Isha that once she takes her father’s thumb impression, Dr. Malhotra will be arrested. She gets the printout and comes to her dad’s room to take his thumb impression. She manages to take his thumb impression, but she drops ink box down. Her dad wakes up. Pragya tries to hide the papers. Her dad takes the papers and hides it. He scolds her. Pragya says you have chosen politics over your daughter and that’s why I have chosen my friend.

Gayatri brings Savitri and Dadi to SDCH and says someone is waiting for you eagerly. Dr. Malhotra greets them. Gayatri says Anand has organized a surprise for you. Dadi asks what is it? Dr. Malhotra asks Savitri to check the surprise. Gayatri says I have no patience and will reveal for you. She pulls the curtains and shows board of her name, says Gayatri Devi College and Hospital. Everyone is shocked. Savitri is teary eyes and asks what is it? Gayatri says you have betrayed him big and it is a return gift. She asks her to tell if she liked the gift. She says I have kicked you out of his life and heart, and now from the hospital also. She says I have snatched your identity from you…and asks what you will do now. Dadi asks Dr. Malhotra how can you forget that Savitri helped you to make this hospital. Dr. malhotra tells that Savitri betrayed him badly.

Savitri asks when did I betray you, and says it is you who betray relations. He says you have betrayed your friend and me. Dr. Malhotra says I don’t want to hear your nonsense. Savitri reminds him of Sanchi’s promise and says few hours are left now. Then you will be in jail all life, is that clear to you Dr. Malhotra. He gets angry and raise his hand to slap her, but Veer holds his hand and asks him not to think to slap his mum and warns him. Gayatri says lets do our work. Dr. Malhotra asks ward boy to remove Savitri’s name board and hang Gayatri’s name board. Savitri tells Veer that she don’t care about this thing. As ward boy hangs Gayatri’s name board, everyone claps. Veer brings black ink and splashes on Gayatri’s name board. He says this new name deserves black ink. Gayatri fumes in anger. Veer picks Savitri’s name board and asks Savitri and Dadi to come. They leave.

Constables run inside Police station and inform Inspector about Jaya. Jaya is standing outside Police station holding kerosene oil. Inspector comes out. Jaya says officers are so busy that they refused to lodge the complaint and says if Dr. Malhotra is not arrested within 2 hours then I will burn myself and give my life right here. Savitri sees news on TV and comes to the PS. Dadi also follows her. Sanchi asks Jaya to come home. Sunny also cries. Savitri asks Jaya to think about Sunny. Jaya thinks Sunny haven’t seen his father and if I couldn’t get justice then my life is waste.

Sanchi talks to someone on phone and calls for help. Jaya pours kerosene oil on herself and is about to set herself on fire.

Written Update by H Hasan

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