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Sasural Simar Ka 30th November 2017 Written Update: Anjali Provokes Sanjana To Give Agni Pariksha

The Episode starts with Mata ji asking Simar about Anjali. Simar says she might be angry with us. Anjali comes and says why she will be upset. Roshni thinks she might thought of a plan. Mata ji asks if she agree to marry. Anjali says yes. Simar hugs her. Anjali says I agree, but what is the guarantee that I will be happy after marriage and says Sameer is the live example and says what he got in exchange, betrayal from Sanjana. She says don’t know if they have relation or not. Sanjana says ups and downs happen in all relation and says it doesn’t mean that their relation will end. Anjali says ok, and asks can you prove that Sameer and your relation is strong even today, and you haven’t betrayed her. Sanjana tells that she is telling with her head high that she has not betrayed Sameer. Roshni
thinks Anjali is provoking her, if she says anything against her. Anjali asks Sanjana if she can give agni pariksha. Everyone is shocked.

Sanjana says I am ready to give any test to prove my love, faithfulness and purity. Mata ji asks what you are saying? Simar says there will be no agni pariksha in this house. Prem asks how can you think of all this being 20th century girl. Anjali says if Sanju wants then she can back up, but this will mean that Sanju has no faith on her relation and that she is guilty. Sanjana says she is ready to give agni pariksha. Simar tries to stop her, but Sanjana gives her promise. Sanjana says this is not only my truthful’s test, but also test of my purity, love etc and I will not back off. Mata ji asks Sameer to say something. Sameer is silent. Sanjana goes to inhouse temple and promises to give agni pariksha of her love and purity. Simar sits down tensed.

Roshni tells Piyush that Anjali provoked Sanjana to give agni pariksha. Piyush says Sanjana shouldn’t have agreed. Roshni says we have to think together how to stop her. When they get up from bed, their head collide. They collide it again. Piyush asks did you think of an idea. Piyush looks at the newspaper and tells Roshni that he will bring fake coal which is used in artificial fire. Roshni gets happy. Piyush hugs her. Anjali thinks how can Sanjana agree so easily. She sees Piyush going and thinks even they have patched up. She thinks if Roshni is planning something to stop the test. She comes to Sanjana room and keeps coal bag there.

She asks why you are sitting in dark and says she brought coal for her. She says when it burns, it turns red and you have to walk on it. She says you tried to take panga with me and it got costlier for you. Roshni says time will tell and says Sanjana is not weak and will give agni pariksha. Anjali says all the best to your sanju di. Next morning, Mata ji and Simar prays for Sanjana. Pari comes and asks them to see what Sanjana is doing. They run to Sanjana. Sanjana is keeping the coals so that she can walk on it. They try to stop her. Prem says I am your papa and you don’t have to do it. Sanjana says I have to do this as I have sworn on mata ji’s diya and says she has to prove her truthfulness. They try to stop her. Sanjana asks them to let her give agni pariksha and if they stop her then will see her dead. Mata ji

Sanjana walks on the burning coal while Simar cries and asks Sameer to stop her. Simar stands unaffected.

Written Update by H Hasan

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