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Sasural Simar Ka 15th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Indra attacks Guru ji with fire. He repels it. Indra is dazed. Amar says what will she do now? Indra says I will kill you both. No one ever will dare to mess with Indrawati. Prem is only mine. Amar says who know, maybe he is already gone. Indra says what you mean? He says when you were showcasing your power, sid must have taken Prem from here. Indra says this can’t happen. She runs upstairs and doesn’t find Prem there.

Badi amma says if you choose a wrong one this time simar and roli will be in pots forever. Sujata says I can’t see this. Khushi sayus there must be a way. Mataji says i don’t find anything. Mataji says please help us God.
Karuna says in temple. Please help us God. They all pray there in the temple.
Suddenly the black clouds go away. Sujata says this shows that the God is with us. Khushi says yes mataji. Badi amma says looks like roli and simar will spend lifetime in pot. Mata ji picks a up. Mata ji says I dont know if this is conspiracy or your signal. But whatever will happen will be according to your will God. Mata ji pours the liquid on the door.

Indra says you have crossed all limits. I will burn you all. I wont leave. She sees Prem in the car and screams leave him. She can’t step out because Guru ji has placed some holy stuff on the gate. Indra says you can’t leave me thakur. Amar says sid she has seen us lets go. The car starts.

Badi amma says ask your God to open the door. she laughs. She says see your God has not helped you. Mata ji says God always helps us.
Sid is driving. Suddenly amar sees Indra running after the car. Amar tells sid. Indra comes stand in front of the car. Sid says what to do Guru ji? He says keep driving. Indra falls aside, sid drives past her. Guru ji throws his locket there. He says that will stop indra for 10 minutes. Guru ji says you have 10 minutes, you wont stop car at any cost.

A light starts coming out of the door in jungle. Simar comes out. Everyone is dazed. Mata ji cries. Mataji hugs her. Badi amma says in heart why she came out. sujata says where is roli? Mata ji says the pot is broken then where is she? Khushi says how is this possible. They hear roli’s voice. I am here. Sujata says where are you? Why can’t we see you. Simar says please come here. Badi amma says you can’t meet her. Nor can you see her. You can only hear her. Mata ji says what you mean? Badi amma says simar you coming out of pot is miracle. Similarly indra did a miracle when she promised to bring roli back. That broken pot has ruined your sister’s life. Now what will you do simar? How will you bring your sister back?
Simar says I will bring her back. I will end this game. The future generations will know what evil has to face.

Mataji calls amar. Amar tells her that they have prem and they are going home. Mataji tells everyone. Mataji says thank God. SImar is okay as well. Mataji says simar is out as well. Amar says what about roli? Mataji is quite. Mataji says roli.. sid says is she okay? Mataji says listen to me. Come home. We will talk there. Sid says what happened? Please tell me. Mataji says everything will be okay.

Sid amar come home with Prem. Rajhinder comes out. Guru ji says no don’t come out.
Indra comes there and stands on the door. she says you were playing a lost game. Guru ji says the game has not ended. Indra laughs and says this is my game. Indra says when they come back ask them hat I did to your beloved roli. And there is no come back. Only I have the solution to that problem. you all deceived me you have to pay. Indra leaves. Karuna says we dont know anything unless mata ji is back. Guru ji says lets take prem in.
Mata ji, khushi and simar come as well. They are all happy to see simar.
Simar asks is prem okay? Guru ji says he will be fine soon.
Mataji says lets do arti.
Guru ji says he will be fine for sure. Mataji says thank you Guruji. Sid asks where is roli? You didn’t tell anything on the group as well. Mata ji says actually.. Sid says simar where is she? Is she okay? Roli says SId.. everyone is dazed. Sid says roli? where are you? Mataji says in heart how will sid swallow this truth in. Roli says I am here. Sid says where? Don’t joke. Sid says where are you talking from? Sid says you are inside the house? Come out. He recalls what indra said. Sid says mata ji where is she? Mataji says she has made her invisible. We can’t see her. We can hear her. Sid is shocked. Sujata says sid please control yourself. Sid says I haven’t seen her and I have been waiting for her.
Roli says I will never leave you alone. Simar says she is right. You have fight this fight. Sid sees a silhouette. Roli says please dont cry.

Precap-Simar sees prem trying to hand himself. She screams please dont do this prem. He hangs.

Written Update By Atiba


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