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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st January 2018 Written Update

Bulbul is shocked to hear that Mandira loves Vijay. Mandira asks her to return Vijay to her. Bulbul says Vijay married her. Mandira says Bulbul snatched Vijay from her and even after Vijay married Bulbul twice, he didn’t consummate marriage with her. Bulbul tries to leave. Mandira stops her and tells her Vijay and her story in detail and says Vijay always loved her and even consummated with her, there is nothing to hide between her and Vijay now. Bulbul closes her ears, shattered. Mandira continues that she would have told about it to whole family, but did not fearing Vijay’s defamation. She says Ananth wants husband’s right now, how can she. She continues insisting Bulbul to get out of Vijay’s life and return it to him. She also warns not to inform about this
to anyone.

Vijay and Ananth eagerly wait for Bulbul. Vijay says even cab driver is not picking mobile and Bulbul’s phone is also off. Sadhna calls him, and he asks where is she. Sadhna says it is her and asks if Bulbul did not reach yet.
Vijay says yes. He calls Kishori who asks if they are all fine, he was remembering them, he is also fine. He then informs Angad to find Bulbul.

Angad calls his all contacts and asks to find Bulbul. Gayatri yells good Bulbul went away herself, because of Bulbul,Vijay kicked her out of house. Vijay wiht Ananth enters. Manoj signals Gayatri to stop. Vijay asks if Bulbul came home. Mandira enters. Ananth asks if she met Bulbul. Mandira acts and asks what happened. Ananth says Bulbul is missing. Ananth says he will search Bulbul first and if someone is behind her leaving home, he will not spare that person, looking at Mandira.

Bulbul wanders in bus stop, weeping. She sees Vijay and then Mandira behind him who signals her. She gets into bus. Vijay with Ananth searches Bulbul and finds her in bus. He gets into bus and finds Bulbul and gets her out of bus. Ananth asks what happened, if someone told her anything, she should not have left home like this. They take her home. Vijay asks her what happened followed by family. Gayatri yells if she told her anything. Bulbul shouts to stop and leave her alone, her father is ill and she does not want to go to honeymoon with Vijay. Vijay reminisces Kishori telling he is fine and stands shocked. Bulbul walks to her room while Vijay looks at her. Mandira smirks. Drama continues…..

Precap: Vijay asks Bulbul to tell what happened suddenly. Bulbul says nothing is suddenly, she was called thief and kicked out of house, she has returned now and wants to live life her way.

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