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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 29th November 2017 Written Update: Gayatri Humiliates Bulbul

Bulbul gives kheer bowl to Vijay. He takes it and tastes kheer. Tu aata hai seene me…song..plays in the background. Bulbul smilingly looks at him and asks how was it. He says it was fine, he will come in the evening and asks her to have something. She says kheer is smeared on his moustache. He cleans it and says he will go now. She stops him again. He asks not to stop him and leaves. Bulbul thinks she wanted to say something and told something, at least he liked kheer.

Bulbul tells family that she had prepared kheer for Vijay and even for them, if they don’t like it, they should forgive her, Vijay liked kheer anyways, asks if she should serve it. Sadhna nodes yes. Gayatri warns her that she eats only Sadhna’s prepared kheer. Sadhna tastes kheer and gives
her money as per ritual. Bulbul touches her feet. Sadhna asks her to have food with them. Gayatri gets up and shouts it is enough now, she cannot play nanad bhabhi game with Bulbul anymore, either Bulbul or she will have food on dining table. Bulbul says she will go as she is habituated to have food alone in kitchen. She eats food reminiscing her father feeding her food and asking her to get habituated to have food alone as she is marrying soon.

Tejaswini asks her assistant Gautam to interior decorate house for Ananth’s marriage. Gautam asks if Mandira is surely marrying Ananth. Ananth enters with Mandira and tells Tejaswini that Mandira is ready to marry him. Tejaswini asks Ananth to tell his taste to interior designer.
Ananth asks Mandira to tell her choice as he wants house decorated according to her taste. Mandira says she got what she needed and shows Ananth and Vijay’s childhood pic. Ananth smiles and praises Vijay that Vijay is his best friend and a very good man, he is great that he sacrificed his life and married Bulbul to save her and her father’s life. Mandira asks if he really wants to marry her. Ananth asks what he has to do to prove it. She asks then he has to do what she says.

CM gathers MLA meeting and taunts that some people play dirty politics for their benefit, pointing at Vijay. Vijay confronts and says he is right and knows better. He excuses CM and walks aside. Kishori calls him and invites for paghphera ritual. Vijay agrees to reach his home with Bulbul.

Sadhna takes Vijay’s clothes to Bulbul and asks to keep it in almari and tells Vijay called and told he will come late, she should not wait for him and have food on time. Bulbul opens Vijay’s cupboard and gets engrasped in this thoughts. Vijay returns home at night. She opens doo.r. e walks in and sits on sofa tiredlessly She shakes bangles and serves him tea. He takes tea and says he forgot to tell bhabhi that her Kishori had come and they both have to go for paghphera rital, she should get ready soon. Bulbul smiles

Precap: Gayatri tells Vijay that Ananth send 2 wedding different cards. Ananth tells Vijay’s family that his/Mandira’s and Vijay/Bulbul’s wedding wil happen in same mantap.

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