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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th November 2017 Written Update: Bulbul’s Muh Dikhai

Kaushalpur ladies insist Sadhna to show MLA Vijay’s wife. Bulbul comes wearing pallu. Sadhna asks elder lady to start muh dikhayi ritual first. Lady starts ritual and sees Bubul’s face followed by others and praise that Bulbul is beautiful and is a perfect match for Vijay. Vijay enters. They say he got a perfect match. Elder lady asks Bulbul to go and rest now. Mandira enters and says even she wants to see MLA’s wife’s face. Sadhna and family get tensed seeing her. Gayatri says she will reveal about her and Vijay’s relationship to everyone. Bulbul continues and asks Vijay if he will not show his face, he had promised before election that people can come to his house any time. Ladies asks who is this girl. Sadhna says she is CM’s daughter. Ladies get excited hearing
that. Mandira continues. Bulbul shows her face. Ladies praise that MLA got such a beautiful wife, he cannot concentrate on work now. Bulbul corrects Bulbul’s pallu again and says bride is beautiful, but not of her stature. Ladies laugh that CM’s daughter jokes a lot. Mandira asks Vijay if she is right or not and leaves. Vijay stands nervously and follows her. Bulbul says she prepared kheer for Vijay. Gayatri says Vijay does not believe in rituals.

Mandira walks out reminiscing women praising Bulbul’s beauty. Vijay walks behind her and asks why don’t she understand he is married and nothing is left between them now. She says it is marriage of convenience and nobody will be happy with it. Vijay continues trying to convince her. She says he cannot. Ananth enters and asks Vijay can’t, what is happening . Mandira asks Vijay if she should tell Ananth and says CM’s daughter is marrying Bollywood star, so there should be lavish celebrations. Ananth says of course and asks Mandira why did she come alone for bhabhi’s muh dikhayi, he wanted to accompany her with gift. Mandira says muh dikhayi is already finished. Ananth says he is devar and will do muh dikhayi again.

Ananth walks in to Vijay’s house holding Mandira’s hand. :Ladies discuss he is hero Ananth, let us click pics with him. Elder lady warns to take their raja saheb’s name with respect. Ananth greets everyone and says he came for muh dikhayi. Bulbul says he cannot see face like that. Sadhna says same. Ananth asks if Vijay did not tell that Mandira agreed to marry him. Bulbul shows her face in water thali. Ananth says he got a small gift for her and while hand it over drops it in water. Bulbul laughs. Ananth says bhabhi’s smile is so lovely, Vijay will forget everything now. He asks Vijay to drop him till door. Vijay follows. Bulbul tells Sadhna that Vijay went again, she did not have anything since last night and will have food only after feeding kheer to Vijay. Vijay returns and says he is going to meet CM and will return in the evening. Sadhna stops him and asks to have Bulbuls prepared kheer as she has not had anything since last night and will have only after feeding him. Vijay agrees.

Precap: Bulbul gives kheer to Vijay. He takes it hesitantly. Tu ata hai seene me…song..plays in the background. Mandira asks Ananth if he really wants to marry her, can he prove it. Ananth asks what he has to do.

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