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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th December 2017 Written Update

Gayatri tells Mandira that she will perform her graha pravesh and takes her in. Vijay reminisces Mandira’s adamancy to marry him. He calls Bulbul, but her phone is switched off. He thinks Bulbul cannot betray him, but Mandira can go to any extent to marry him. Sadhna calls him, but he disconnects call. Gayatri gets aarti thali ready. Vasu reminds that Sadhna ordered not to do any rituals. Gayatri says real bahu came home and traitor went away. Angad says same and convinces Vasu.

Gayatri brings aarti for Mandira when Bulbul walks in and stops her. She asks to call Sadhna bhabhi. Gayatri says Sadhna will not come and asks her to get out. Bulbul tells Mandira that she looks good with Ananth and should return to him. Mandira asks her why did she and her father betray them. Bulbul pleads she did not. Gayatri yells if she wants to see Vijay happy, then she should get out. Mandira smirks while Gayatri performs her aarti. Bulbul walks out shattered.

Ananth gulps liquor reminiscing Mandira’s betrayal. Tejaswini stops him and says Mandira never loved him, so she did not walk with him, in fact she was waiting for this relationship to break. Ananth says Mandira is also shocked and he is sure that she is more shattered than him.

Gayatri takes Mandira to Vijay’s room and says this is her and Vijay’s room from today. Mandira says she will not enter this room until Vijay himself takes her in. Gayatri says even that will happen and asks how was her drama, if she did Rambodh and Kishori’s drama, how did it do it. Mandira says she knew Vijay would not trust her and will never leave Bulbul, so she had to do this. She goes into flashback where she hears Pankaj telling if Mandira had married Vijay, it would have been good. She asks how will they do it. Pankaj says Bulbul’s ex-fiance Rambodh is his puppet and will do as he says. Pankaj then frightens Kishori and makes voice recording. Out of flashback, Mandira says she knew that Kishori would not speak in fear. Drama continues…

Precap: Mandira tells Vijay that Bulbul and her father were traitor and betrayed him. Vijay shouts not to badmouth against them.

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