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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 30th January 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anami asking Satrupa to swear on the diya and tell everyone that she didn’t kidnap Laddoo. Satrupa gets silent. Anami says ask her to say the truth. Dadi says I had never imagined that Satrupa will do this. Dada ji says you have stooped too low. Satrupa says I know I did a crime, I tried all to rectify it, my way was wrong, not my intention, I freed Laddoo from Purushottam. Anami says and you caged him in royal steels guest house, I begged you to get him, you didn’t pity him, you did this for your greed. Satrupa says I just wanted to get you. Anami says new relations are not made by cutting the strings of old ones. Dada ji says you did wrong. Dadi says I will never forgive you for this. Baldev says you always talk of ethics, you have broken all deeds, your ill
deeds got exposed, so you are covering it by love.

Anami says I didn’t wish to break the peace, I couldn’t stop myself seeing injustice happening with someone innocent. Satrupa says you did this with me for a stranger. Dada ji says if you think Adhiraj did wrong, you have compelled Anami to take this step, if Adhiraj gets punished, you will be punished as well, justice will happen. Baldev says this will always stain our lives, you couldn’t become good bahu and good mum, I lost Vatsalya because of you, you are doing same with Anami. He blesses Anami. They all go. Anami says better take all the accusations off Adhiraj, you would have realized your mistakes.

Adhiraj tries calling Anami. Tanya gives him milk. He drinks and gets hiccups. She says I think she is also missing him. She does shayari. He smiles. Dheeru comes and says if Satrupa doesn’t take the case back, we have to do something to get her back to senses. Adhiraj says she will take the case back, my heart is saying so, I mean to say, you have warned them strictly. Tanya makes a heart and teases Adhiraj.

Satrupa goes to her room and thinks of everyone’s words. Anami writes her diary. Poonam gets food for her. She says you were so calm, just like the silence before storm. Anami says sometimes we have to explain people the way they understand, its good mum and dad are not here, I don’t want them to get affected, see how Satrupa takes the case back.

Daamo comes to Satrupa. She asks why didn’t Sudha leave. Satrupa says she has got a new toy to threaten me, she has my phone call recorded, I told Sher Singh to do anything and get Anami back. Daamo asks how did this happen, we seem to be losing everything, Anami is so adamant, Sudha is waiting for a chance to strike.

Adhiraj says I can’t believe it, you did amazing thing. Anami says I didn’t know I can give someone a reply this way. He says you have much talent. She says I will just spend few days and then disappear from here, I might find my destination on the way. He asks will you cross a long journey alone. She says Laddoo is with me. He asks won’t you need anyone. She says I will call some friend if I need, my personality is such, its difficult to handle me. He says its not. She says how can anyone stay with me, I talk so much. He says someone who likes to hear your talk, he will stay with you. She says I don’t know. He asks what do you mean, I thought you knew everything, you definitely know something, she also knows that I won’t say anything.

They smile. She says then I won’t say anything. He says you don’t talk much, I have a surprise, keep phone on hold. Satrupa comes for dinner. Poonam says everyone got their food in their rooms, just you need to have food. Adhiraj calls Murari and gets him on call conference. Anami talks to Murari. She asks are you fine. He says yes, how are you, how is Laddoo. She says we are fine. He says Madhu is at home. Satrupa walks close, while Anami talks to him. Anami says we will always stay together. He asks her to take care. She turns to see. She ends call. Satrupa stands away and cries.

Its morning, Pujan asks Dada ji did he think what to do, they shouldn’t delay it further. They all discuss about Satrupa’s deed. Satrupa comes. She says I m ready to take the case back. Anami says you are doing this so that there are no investigations against you. Satrupa says you can send me to jail, do anything, talk to commissioner. They all look on.

Satrupa says we should do this before Sudha returns. Daamo checks Sudha’s room. Sudha says someone came here. Satrupa says I need to get that recording at any cost. She sees someone.

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