Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 30th November 2017 Written Update

Ratan expresses his sadness after CT is arrested. Diya says she can understand his pain. He shouts who is it there. Diya runs to check near door. Ratan laughs and says he was joking, even if her whole blood is exchanged, she will not stop protecting him. He says he is thankful to her for protecting him since 12 years and now wants her to think about herself. He emotionally says she cannot believe, Ratan has grown up so much in 12 years.

CT calls Yash and asks him to get a tape recorder as she wants to record stories for orphan children, they are habituated to her stories. Yash agrees.

Diya explains work to Ratan till 9 p.m. Ratan asks her to relax, she may be workaholic, he is not, kneeling says let us go on a date and enjoy. She surprisingly asks what… He
says he is not asking for a romance, he wants her to just go on a causal date and dance with him, enjoy this evening, now he is ordering as daata hukum. She laughs and says in his language, it is just take a chill pill.

Yash brings food for CT. Inmate asks her if policeman is her relative. She says her grandson. Inmate says she looks like rich and should take someone’s help and get out of here. CT smirks. In palace, Bhuvan drinks alcohol fuming that Sushma/CT is a fool to go to jail accepting crime. Sakshi insists her husband to bail out maasa at any cost right now. Husband says it cannot at this time. Bua comes and snatches alcohol bottle from Bhuvan and says he was hiding behind CT all the while, now his drama will not work, she will rule this palace now. Sakshi’s husband says bua already imposed her right on this palace. Ratan with Diya walks towards door. Bhuvan greets him and taunts and says now his enemy is in jail, he should free his pehredarni now. Diya stops. Bhuvan laughs that Diya is habituated to lavish life of palace, so she will not go. Diya walks to him and says she did not stay in this palace since 12 years, so there is no question of habit, he is staying in this palace and enjoying liquor, so he should realize who is habituated to luxuries. Bhuvan fumes in anger while Diya walks away.

Diya and Ratan walks on road. Ratan flirts with her as usual. A few boys follow them. Diya says they are follow him. Ratan says they are following her instead. Diya says it is a question of his security. They both run and hide. Goons discuss girl was so pretty, the would have handled her boyfriend somehow and enjoyed with her. Ratan says he has learnt guarding being with her and walks out to meet boys.

Priya walks on road searching someone. A man touches her shoulder from behind. She turns tensely and relaxes seeing her husband Raghu. Raghu scolds he warned her many time not to meet him like this without informing beforehand. She says it was very important and tells how Diya alleged CT and CT accepted her crime and got arrested. Raghu says why did maasa/CT accepted their crime, Diya must hav trapped her. He asks her to let him plan next moves and wait for his order. She hugs him and says she cannot live away from here hereon, it is very difficult.

Ratan returns and says people here are so understanding, he took Yash’s name and they escaped. He then flirts with Diya and clicks selfie with her pouting. She laughs. He records her video and asks her to freeze, this is her best expression and she should be smiling always. He clicks her pic.

Raghu tells Priya that even he misses her, when Yash come to meet him, he cannot ask how is his mother, anyways they are doing all this for their son. He gifts her new mobile and says her phone was broken. He then asks where is her crutch. She says in car. He scolds her that he told her many times not to be so careless, their son is already doubting her. Piya apologizes and rushes to her car. Raghu thinks Ratan thinks his enemy is in jail, now he can take advantage of this and kill Ratan.

Precap: At a restaurant, Diya says she does not have to drink wine to enjoy. Ratan challenges to prove it, if she can imprint her lipstick marks on net table. Diya walks out smiling.

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