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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 29th November 2017 Written Update: Diya Gets Choti Thakurayan (CT) Arrested

Diya walks towards CT’s room speaking to Yash that they have to check each employee of palace even if he is employed for 2 days and find out who corrected death chair in torture room. Yash is with Priya and says they will find out culprit soon and leaves. Priya fumes that her son itself is her enemy. Diya walks into CT’s room and sees book’s torn page in dustbin. She then walks out speaking over phone again. Ratan comes and says she promised that they both will solve this mystery and asks what is she planning now. Diya dials Priya’s number by mistake while speaking. Priya thinks why she is calling her. Diya notices and says she called by mistake and disconnects call. Priya calls her aide and warns her name should not come. Diya tells Ratan that she will meet each servant
and find out who repaired death chair.

Diya meets old servant who says he worked in torture chamber 25 years ago and is the last man to punish culprit. Diya says she knows, that is why she came to her, he knows to use all torture equipments, so he must have repaired death chair. Servant asks her not to expect to lose his loyalty, he will not tell who asked him to repair chair. She says he is loyal to royal family and royal heir Ratan’s life is at risk. Servant says CT asked him to repair it. Diya reminisces a kid reciting CT’s taught puzzle, finding torn missing papers in her room, etc. and realizes CT is the one who wants to kill Ratan.

Ratan sees a book in CT’s room kept for Diya. CT asks if he liked, she went to Jaipur to bring it, Diya will like it. Diya protected him since 12 years, so she deserves this gift, she is preparing special feast for Diya. Ratan gets happy. CT serves feast on table. Ratan asks why so many different dishes. Isha says CT does not know what Diya likes, so she prepared so many dishes. Diya walks in with police and asks Ratan if he wants to know who wants to kill him. Family eagerly listens to her. Diya says it is CT. Family is shocked. Bhuvan scolds CT that she wanted to thank Diya, this is what she is getting in return. Bua says she cannot believe as CT danced in whole place when Ratan was born and used to get worried when Ratan used to fall ill. Diya says she has all the proof and counts each. Bua asks CT to speak. CT walks away with police. Priya thinks she had hired servant and stole book paper, then why did Diya allege CT.

Yash asks Diya why did not she trust him and inform him about CT beforehand. Diya says she joined all the links and found out CT is a culprit and did not have time to inform him, says now culprit is caught and in 2 days, she will handover whole business to Ratan and leave palace forever.

CT is put behind bars. Sakshi with her husband goes to meet her and insists. Constable does not permit. Yash permits. In palace, Ratan sees Bua pampering Ayush and remembers CT. He asks Diya if really CT is a culprit. In police station, Sakshi asks CT why she took blame on her. CT injures her hand from rusted nail on door. Sakshi gets worried and calls constable. Yash also gets worried and asks constable to bring first-aid box. CT thinks Diya does not know she there is a lot of mystery hidden and still she has to face a lot of hardships.

Precap: Ratan flirts with Diya.

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