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Porus 29th November 2017 Written Update: Anusuya Fails Darius’ Plan

Darius’s assistant asks him what is their next move. Darius says when enemies are weak emotionally, they should make use of enemy’s mindset and defeat. Anusuya shatters hearing Bamni married her to take revenge and sitting on the bank of Jhelum near asks Jhelum what she should do now. Darius enters and says he will help her, he has a huge army in Far and if she agrees he will call his arm and with Takshashila army will destroy Pouravs and take her revenge. Anusuya agrees and says businessman and woman have one thing in common, businessman wants full profit and woman wants full revenge.

Bamini in his palace tells Shivdutt that he took brother’s insult’s revenge and showed Ambhi his place. Darius takes Anusuya outside palace and asks her to go in. Anusuya asks if he will not come in
or he is a shrewd businessman. She walks and he follows her. Bamini asks why did she come back after so much insult. She says this Darius wants her to seek help from Faras and with Takshashila army destroy Pouravs, but she will not do that as she wants united India still. Bamni saks Darius if he did so. Darius lies that Anusuya is lying to take revenge, he is just a businessman. He signals Shivdutt. Shivdutt says businessman cannot attack, Anusuya is lying so that they kill foreign businessman and spoil their business relationships with foreign countries. Anusuya pulls sword from soldier. Shivdutt angrily tries to pull sword, but Bamni stops him. Anusuya walks to him and points sword on his neck, says she can easily kill him, but she wants to submit herself to him, returns sword and says she wants to be with him hoping for united India and keeping evils like Darius away and does not want to go back to Takshashila. Shivdutt tells she is trying to trick Bamni. Bamni silently listens to Anusuya and orders soldiers to take her to harem and keep her in dark room.

Anusuya walks with soldiers to harem. Enuchs and concubines taunt here comes one night stand queen who dreams of one India and all her dreams shattered. Soldiers drop her in a dark room. She cries looking at moon and thinking she sacrificed so much for one India, but she is failing.

In Macedonia, people chant King Philip’s name while he enters and sacrifices a goat. His fourth queen Olympia is seen getting ready by servants. Philip enters. Olympia wipes her lipstick and eye liner, revolting against her husband Philip and says she loves her self-respect more.

Precap: Philip scolds Olympia that even today, she insulted him. She says it is her pride. He forces him on her and says she loves her self-respect,
now she will bear his child. Olympia prays god Zeus that she needs a son from him. Anusuya dreams of being lifted in air and her body turning blue. She wakes up worried.

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