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Porus 29th December 2017 Written Update

In Macedonia, Alexander and his friend enjoy liquor and dance and play a liquor throwing game on target. Friend loses, and Alexander wins. Alexander then comments power is in arms and not liquor. He gets angry seeing Olympia enjoying liquor and grapes from male servants and Philip also enjoys liquor from female servants. Olympia says why can’t queen enjoy same way like king and says she is amused seeing Alexander not losing control even after drinking so much. Philip praises Alexander and calling his another son Aredius says they both are his 2 arms and let me see how they will defeat our enemies. People chant Aredius’ name. Olympia and Alexander fume.

In Pourav rastra, Chintan takes Sumer and team to a safe place. Puru reaches with Laachi and Anusuya. Sumer asks where were they, why soldiers are searching them, who is this woman, why did he bring her here, already they are in trouble. Puru says she is someone’s maa and needs respect. Chintan says he does not know Kanishk and Shivdutt, they are very brutal and they will kill us all. Anusuya says Puru royally trashed that half Farsi Kanishk. Chintan panics more and says Puru trashed Kanishk, now they will be killed for sure, Bamni now knows that Dasyus are here and he will catch us all.

Shvidutt returns with Kanishk. Bamni asks if dasyu is caught. Shvidutt says they will be soon. Kanishk shows his injured nose. Bamni fumes and asks who dared to harm his son. Kanishk says same Dasyu Puru. Bamni gets more angry and orders to catch Puru soon. He tells Shivdutt that Dasyus may try to escape via port when they open it to welcome Darius, so they can catch Dasyus at that time.

Puru tells his plan that they will escape tomorrow morning when port gets opened. Chintan says Darius is coming tomorrow and there will tight security at port with Bamni, Shivdutt, Kanishk and others also present there. Puru says they will leave instantly and explains his plan.

Precap: Chintan informs Bamni that he knows where Dasyu are. Bamni says he will greet Dasyus openly and will send a gift for them. He kills Chintan and hangs his body on the main door with a note to meet him near river port. Puru says he accepts king Bamni’s invitation.

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