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Porus 28th November 2017 Written Update: Bamni Betrays Anusuya To Take Revenge From Ambhi

King Ambhi while traveling with Anusuya and army back home sees bomb in ground and tries to stop his team, but bomb blasts by then and they all get severely injured. Shivdutt comes with army and reminisces meeting Darius in liquor shop who gifts him liquor glass tumbler and says it is from Faras for him and provokes him to take revenge from Ambhi for insulting him. Out of flashback, Shivdutt attacks Ambhi’s soldiers. Ambhi angrily shouts Poruavs are dual headed snakes and fights with Shivdutt. Anusuya tries to stop their fight, but seeing Pourav solders attacking Takshashila soldiers pulls her sword and fights. King Bamni comes with soldiers. Anusuya runs to him and asks this is why he sent them after feeding honey. Bamni orders Shivdutt to stop fighting. Shivdutt says now he will see his elder
brother’s revenge now. Anusuya requests Bamni to stop this fight somehow. Bamni says if 2 hands are together, they cannot fight. She asks what he means. He says he wants to marry her and fulfill her dream of one India and extends hand. Porus says enemies cannot be friends. Anusuya accepts Bamni’s proposal. Shivdutt shouts he will finish Anusuya itself and runs towards her. Bamni holds his sword with bare hand and applies his blood on Anusuya’s forehead. Ambhi angrily shouts Anusuya insulted Takshashila and leaves disowning her.

Bamni takes Anusya back to his palace and marries her. They then consummate with a romantic song in the background. In the morning, Anusuya wakes up and does not find Bamni. An arrow hits her bed. She gets afraid and calls Bamni. Soldiers attack her. She runs saving herself from them and seeing Shivdutt pleads for help. Shivdutt also rruns towards her to attack. She escapes and runs. Soldiers and Shivdutt corner her. She kicks them and snatching sword fights with them and runs out of palace towards river. Shivdutt with soldiers continue following her. She sips and fals and hits her face to a wooden log. Shivdutt stops laughing at her. She sees Bamni performing pooja in river nd calls her. Shivdutt runs towards her and is about to attack her when Bami runs and throws his sword towards Shivdut and it falls in front of Shivdutt’s feet. Shivdutt stops. Anusuya runs to Bamni. Bamni sees blood on Anusuya’s lip and shouts blood from Pourav queen’s mouth. He angrily rushes to Shivdutt and blows sword towards his neck. Anusuya stops him. Bamni says Shivdutt that he asked him to frighten Anusuya and not kill her. Anusuya is shocked hearing that. Bamni says he loves his brother more than his life, Ambhi gifted nose ring to his brother and he removed Ambi’s brother’s ring and disgraced her dignity. He shows nose ring to Anusuya and says when she will return to her brother, he will not even spit at her. He also warns her to forget about her dream of 1 bharat. Bamni leaves with his team. Anusuya stands near river and reminisces Bamni’s words, shattered.

Precap: Anusuya cries asking Jhelum river what she should do. Darius walks in and says if she agrees, she will call army from Faras and with Takshashila army attack Pouravs. Anusuya says there is one thing common between businessman and woman businessman wants full profit and woman wants full revenge. She defeats Bamni and points sword on his throat. Macedonia is shown and king Philip’s wife Olympyia and her dream of conquering India.

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