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Piya Albela 31st January 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pooja telling the media that the inauguration will happen grandly and her sasural presence is enough. She says Paazeb will have a grand opening and asks Dada ji if he permits then she will make Naren light the lamp. She tells Naren that you would have done something big, have stopped the kids from coming here and is lighting lamp here. He gets her finger burn with the lamp and asks her to be careful. He asks Chandrika to wear ghungroo and dance. Media says what is this misbehavior. Pooja tells that Naren is joking and respects his Saas. She says today she will dance with Chandrika. Everyone is shocked. Harish gets upset. Neelima taunts him and asks if she shall get gajra for him. He feels disgusted and goes from there. Pooja and Chandrika dance together on the song tumko hamari umar lag jaye….Naren recalls Rahul telling that Chandrika hit Supriya with hockey stick.

A woman touches Naren’s childhood pic and comes to temple. She is Supriya and tells that she has to come there secretly like a thief. She says there is nobody valuable to her than Naren. Chandrika continues to dance with Pooja. Supriya runs back to her room. Nurse comes and checks her. Supriya looks at Naren’s pic and says nobody can take her son away from there.

Pooja asks Naren to talk something in Chandani’s honor. Media asks Naren to speak a few words. Naren apologizes to Chandrika for hurting her heart and tells that nobody shall hurt their parents sentiments. A couple comes there and claims Naren to be their son. Harish asks guards to send them out. Pooja acts to faint to hide the truth. Dada ji takes that couple inside. Naina has planted them and thinks now the truth will come out with fake parents.

Woman tells Dada ji that she has left her son in the Ashram on that specific day. Dada ji asks why? Woman says they were unmarried then. She says after their marriage, she searched him. Man shows his birth certificate. Dada ji checks it and thinks why did they come as Naren’s fake parents, I have to make them go from here. Naren takes Pooja to room and says now he has to wash dirt after going home. He goes out. Chandrika comes there. Pooja opens her eyes. Chandrika says don’t know why they are calling Naren as their son. Pooja says someone else knows the truth now. Chandrika says Naren will get shattered with this truth. Pooja says Dada ji will handle.

Woman tells Dada ji that how can a mother lie? Harish comes there and asks them to leave, asks Dada ji why he is entertaining them. Media asks Naren who are they? Woman acts and tells Naren that she is his mother. Harish asks what you needs? Man asks him not to show him money power and says he is ready to give him money for raising money. Naren says you wants to say that I am your son, then where were you all these years and what is the proof that you are saying truth. He asks him to answer and says being silent is not an answer and asks who are you. Naina calls them chacha and chachi and hugs them. She says they are her namesake Chacha and Chachi and have brought them up. Harish asks why they were calling Naren as their son. Naina says they lost their son in mela and since then search their son in everyone. She says she will get them stay in hotel. Naren says they will stay in Vyas Mansion. Naina smirks. Pooja understands Naina’s plan.

Dada ji calls the man and asks him to take Naren with him. He gets tensed. Pooja says they are returning to Vyas Mansion.

Written Update by H Hasan

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