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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th November 2017 Written Update: Kanha Is Surrounded By Fire.

The episode starts with kanha saying brother balram, you cannot come with me because mother will need you in gokul, do you want to go against her wish? Balram says no kanha and everyone cries. Kanha says then brother let me go, I will do something myself but I shall listen to my mother only. Kanha goes as all people try to stop him. kanha’s friends and balram surround kanha and say we will do what kanha does, we will do what kanha does. Kanha has tears and says I have to go, he goes as everyone cries.
In the house, yashoda is making butter and all people have tears and say yashoda stop your son kanha, why are you doing this? Whom are you making butter for when the one who eats butter wont be here. People say yashoda at least call kanha back for us. Yashoda says I said kanha is
not my son and why should I call him back? for you people? The ones who wanted to punish him? I will not call kanha as he is not my son and I am not his mother. Dai maa says yashoda you are being too hard and rude on kanha, you never did this before, kanha was always in your arms and you are letting him go away today so easily. Yashoda says he is not my son, she continues making butter. People say why is yashoda doing this? How did she suddenly change? Nand thinks as rahu, I am rahu and I am making her do this as she is under my control. Rahu thinks now I will get a chance to know if kanha is Vishnu or not. All the people get sad and go away from the house.
Brij bhanu, kirti and radha come. Kirti says sister yashoda why are you saying that kanha is not your son? Brij bhanu says bhabhi, children make mistakes but removing them out of the house is too rude. Yashoda says welcome, you all sit inside I will arrange for water and food. Yashoda goes. Brij bhanu says to nand, friend why aren’t you saying anything? Yashoda has removed kanha. Nand says brij you very well know I don’t speak between yashoda and kanha. Brij bhanu says you make it sound like kanha is not your son. Nand says he is but this is how things are now, yashoda has done what she had to, I cannot do anything, rahu goes. Damodar is shocked. Brij bhanu says this family has changed, but I will bring back kanha, radha says I will also come with you to find him. brij bhanu and radha go.
Narad muni says prabhu, kanha has been removed from the house and I don’t understand today rahu has taken control of mata yashoda but her mothrs love couldn’t do anything. Lord Vishnu says rahu thinks he is controlling everything but it is written in future what is happening.
There at night, kanha walks in the forests of gokul and cries. He says mata removed me from the house but it is her love, I will stay somewhere. Kanha goes ahead. Rahu hides behind a tree and looks at kanha and laughs, he says I did what I wanted now I will know who kanha is because he resembles Vishnu. rahu says I am so powerful I take the sun and moon inside me, I will use my powers and burn this forest, if kanha still is saved then I will know he is Vishnu. rahu burns the forest with fire. Kanha sees fire everywhere and says what do I do now? I have to hide in a place safe.
There rishi gargacharya at night says to know what lord Vishnu wants me to do, I have to meet paramavtar shri Krishna. Rishi gargacharya goes to gokul. In yashoda’s house, kirti and brij bhanu say to yashoda for whom are you making this butter? Yashoda says for my son. Kirti says but you son kanha, you removed him from the house. Yashoda says who kanha? He is not my son. Yashoda goes.
Kirti and brij bhanu come out of the house and then meet rishi gargacharya. Rishi says brij bhanu where is kanha? I need to meet him. both do pranam to rishi. Brij bhanu says that is what we don’t know. Rishi says then ask yashoda. Brij says yashoda has removed kanha out of the house, but I think there is some evil shadow’s effect over yashoda because she and nand have been acting strange lately. Rishi says what? They all go inside the house. Rishi sense the danger and says it is rahu. Both brij bhanua dn kirtio are shocked. Rishi says yes rahu’s effect has come in this house and gokul.
There kanha sees and tree and says I will hide here, he goes beside the tree and gets inside a hole. Kanha says there is so much darkness here and fire outside, but mother says when we remove brightness from our mind then we can beat any darkness. Kanha says I can bring that brightness by the narayana mantra. Kanha prays to narayana.
The tree turns into a woman demon. Laxmi says prabhu who is she? It was just a tree now.

Precap: lord Vishnu says devi don’t you remember her from treta yug? She is trijata. There trijata wakes up. The fire spreads and kanha screams in pain.

Written Update by Tanaya

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