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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th November 2017 Written Update

The episode starts with kansa saying who did this to my wrestlers? My very strong wrestlers! Kansa smiles and says some kicked you, some punched you, look at your faces poor souls. Alambasur is angry. Kansa takes butter in his hand and says take this eat this, kansa puts butter on each wrestler’s face and says eat it, this will make you more strong, how many wrestlers were fighting you from brij mandal? Wrestlers say it were 2. Kansa says 2? What were their names? Kansa looks at alambasur. Alambasur says they were 2 kids. Kansa is shocked as are pralapt and janur. Kansa removes 2 swords and keeps it at pralapt and janur’s neck and says you both cheated me? Janur and pralapt say no bhagwan. Kansa says then did you really take butter and milk from each village in brij mandal or just water? Why didn’t that make my wrestlers strong? Or is it that my wrestlers were weak? Kansa looks at them and says you all couldn’t fight 2 kids, he kills them and then says Vishnu I am doing all crime and killing my own disciples because of you. Kansa gets up angrily, it is enough, he then calls for a demon. Rahu comes and says kansa stop! Not now, don’t call anyone. I have almost come close to knowing who Vishnu is, give me some more time and I will tell you who Vishnu is in gokul. Kansa says I give you sometime but if you fail then I will not wait and who knows what may happen to you.
Yashoda is thinking about nand’s weird behavior since many days. She says to god that prabhu nand ji has been behaving totally different as I don’t even know him, please make everything right as I think something is wrong with nand ji. Kanha comes and says mother aren’t you happy about my victory? Why are you worried? Yashoda says kanha it feels like your baba is a very different person, we both have been together for so many years now but today I think I don’t know him because he is behaving very differently. Kanha says mother we should still trust baba because he is always right about things, yashoda says yes kanha. Rahu hides and sees and says that is because it is me rahu! I will destroy gokul yashoda.
There radha is with her friends and says kanha stole all butter of brij mandal. Lalita says but kanha did it for the gwala’s right. Radha says yes but he stole and that is not right, still I will keep his secret for then. Another friend comes and says radha, come on a problem arose in barsana. Radha says what? And she goes. There all people are with brij bhanu and say brij ji, the gokul people have broken all their bonds with us barsana people and now think we stole their butter. Brij bhanu is shocked and says what? But even our butter has been stolen. People say but who will tell them that? They don’t believe us. Brij says I will talk to my friend nand, he will tell them. A man says but nand ji is the one who told the gokul people that we have stolen their butter. Brij bhanu says what? Nand would never do that. People say but he has done it and said that you told us to steal their butter but brij bhanu ji no one should go to gokul from here until they come to us and ask for forgiveness. Brij bhanu says that is right, the people of gokul should ask for forgiveness from us, from now on our friendship will be over. Radha is worried and thinks I have to tell what kanha did to everyone.
Narad muni says prabhu see what has happened? The people of gokul and barsana have come under the effect of rahu and have become enemies. Lord Vishnu says yes, kanha has done everything for the gwala’s but the truth will be out soon because your devi wants kanha to be punished. Laxmi says no prabhu, it is not that today my father and param bhakt brij bhanu ji is in trouble and I don’t want anyone pointing at my father that he is a thief.
There yashoda feeds kanha malpua’s and kanha says mother your malpuas are tasty, if I don’t get butter then I will eat malpuas all my life. yashoda feeds kanha and suddenly radha and her friends come. Kanha thinks why has this arrogant gopi come. Yashoda says radha you have come at the right time, come have malpuas. Radha says no kaki, I have come to take my kanha, radha takes kanha and goes with him outside the house, yashoda says wait radha! What happened? Radha gathers the people of gokul and says people of gokul, you think my father and people of barsana have stolen butter? No they haven’t! nand and yashoda listen. Some men say who did it then? Radha says here in gokul only, the butter theif lives. Everyone say who is it? Radha says it is your loving kanha, he stole everyone’s butter. Yashoda and everyone is shocked. Yashoda says is that true kanha? Kanha says mother I don’t know if I am the thief, but I do know that I gave all the gwala their rights and gave them butter to eat. Yashoda is shocked. A woman and man say kanha we believe in you and thought you are our savior. Other says yes and you stole our butter? What would we do? Kanha says if you think I am a thief then yes I am.
Narad muni says everyone is under the effect of rahu. Kanha says I gave all the gwala’s their rights and gave them butter, if you think me giving the gwala what they deserve is wrong then yes I am a thief and I am the makhanchor! Everyone is shocked. Yashoda is shocked and has tears. Old man says nand ji, you said you would punish the butter theif, it is your son, what will you do? Rahu as nand thinks I wanted to do this longtime.

Precap: yashoda hits kanha’s hands with a stick and has tears. narad muni says today a mother’s love came under the effect of rahu. Lord Vishnu says a mother is hurt when she punishes her son and this is the deepest love of her that I am getting. Yashoda removes kanha out of the house and says from today you are not my son and I am not your mother.

Written Update by Tanaya

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