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Naamkaran 30th November 2017 Written Update: Gurumaa Threatens Bebe

The Episode starts with Avni thinking of Mishti. Neil comes to the room. She cries and hugs him. Main vaari jaavan…..plays….Neil gets close to her. She gets away. She says you know I love you a lot. He says no, I know what you are trying to say, I don’t want to listen. She asks how can we so selfish that we ruin a girl’s life for us, this is not lose. He says no, your mind needs rest. She shouts enough Neil, this is not the time to sleep, how long can we get saved from questions, do you want such life for Mishti, I have lived such life, I have seen my mum’s pain, we both used to hide the truth, we were together and alone, I used to just get taunts or hatred from people, just an illegitimate child can understand my life, I used to hide newspapers from mum, one day I was called a sin
child, illegitimate daughter, then Ashish’s marriage news got published, I tried hard to hide this, but mum got to know this, I didn’t see just tears in her eyes, it was her pain which one can just feel and not express. She asks Neil does he want Mishti to go through the same pain, she just wanted a normal family, but I didn’t get it, Mishti will also want this when she grows older, she is in my place, she wants her mum and dad together, so we have to part our ways now, we have to separate. He gets shocked. He says no, we won’t.

She says Mishti will get same childhood like me. He says I have always seen you strong. She says Neela was with me. He says you are Mishti’s Neela. She says no, Juhi is not Aisha, I m not Neela, there is much difference. He asks what’s the difference. She says Juhi has fallen weak, she needs your love. He says but I don’t love her, what will Mishti go through when she knows her dad loves someone else. She says you don’t get it. He says you don’t get it, I can fight with the world with your support, I m nothing without you, try to understand, please. They cry.

Vidyut says I will feed mum by my hands today. He waits for Gurumaa. He gets a shock when he sees Neela at the door. She asks why do you want to celebrate, to ruin Avni’s dreams. She sees Avni’s pics and asks Vidyut to shoot Avni like Dayaben, Avni is stubborn, she will fight back, you can pressurize Neil, my Avni never loses. He says I also don’t lose. She says you can never fail my upbringing, she will tolerate anything but not break, you won’t know the meaning of upbringing, even your mum doesn’t know this. She taunts him and leaves. He says I will break Avni, I will not let my mum’s upbringing fail.

Bebe says I m not Dayaben to force a girl to hit stone, how will I fight with society. Shweta says we accepted Mishti, she is part of our family, we will give her much love. Bebe says love is not enough, Mishti has hurt her mum, she has heard bad in the park, do you want to give her such a life. Shweta asks what do you mean. Shweta says do you mean we should get Neil and Juhi married. Bebe says yes. Shweta says sorry, I will never let this happen. Bebe says marriage will take place, or this girl will leave from this house, decision is taken.

Gurumaa comes to Vidyut and asks what happened to you. He says Neela came and said I will lose, she will defeat me. She says Neela can’t make me lose, when your dad has beaten me a lot, what happened. He says I killed him. She says you promised me you will not say this. He says sorry. She says I hugged you, you said when you grow up, you won’t let anyone hurt me, its our secret, I stayed in jail for so many years to save you. He says I promise I will always take care of you. She says Avni has a big weakness, Dayaben told me about it, its time to talk to second pawn of Khanna family. She calls someone.

Its morning, Bebe sits in the park and cries. Gurumaa comes to meet her. She says you made an excuse and came here. Bebe says no, I have apologized to Lord for the sins you are making me do. FB shows Vidyut telling Bebe that he is Mishti’s father. He shows her the video. She sees Maddy and Kareena caught. He threatens her and asks her to do as he says. He gives her the fake report. FB ends.

Bebe cries and asks why are you doing this, Neil loves Avni a lot, he won’t agree for marriage. Gurumaa threatens her and leaves. Bebe cries.

Neela says Avni, you stopped thinking like Ananya, Vidyut is getting this done. Neil says I have seen Avni’s same anger when she was in front of Dayaben, I can’t let her become Ananya again. Shweta says Juhi is with Vidyut. Neela says its all planned.

Written Update by Amena

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