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Meri Durga 25th September 2017 Written Update: Shilpa Exposes Durga And Sanjay’s Affair

The Episode starts with Durga thinking what happened at home. Yashpal recalls Shilpa promising him that she will prove Durga is having an affair with Sanjay. She taunts him to be scared that Durga’s real face will come out. Yashpal agrees and asks her to prove it. He says Durga shouldn’t know anything, I don’t want her practice to get affected. Durga asks Yashpal is everything fine. He says yes, we were thinking you came late. She says I was submitting papers, I will get ready for practice. He says I didn’t ask anything, I was just worried. Shilpa thinks to prove Durga’s affair and keeps an eye on her.

Gayatri talks to Gagan about meetings. Sanjay gets Durga’s message. Gayatri thinks her plan is working and asks Sanjay to have icecream. Shilpa thinks to get Durga’s phone. Sanjay
thinks how to talk to Durga. Gayatri asks what happened, is everything fine. He says no, I m not getting network. She thinks did anything happen by sending gifts for Durga.

Durga looks for food in kitchen. Shilpa tries taking her food and gets hurt. Sanjay leaves a message for Durga. Durga keeps phone on charging. Durga goes to massage Dadi’s feet. Shilpa takes the phone and checks for Sanjay’s number. She checks the message. She messages Sanjay and deletes message. Durga checks her phone and goes. Sanjay says finally network has come. He reads the message, that family got to know everything about them and got annoyed, come and meet fast. He worries and runs. Gayatri smiles.

Shilpa sees Durga exercising. She waits for Sanjay. Sanjay comes there and finds the door locked. He thinks to go in her room and check. Shilpa sits waiting. Durga hears a sound and sees Sanjay climbing the pole. She asks him not to come, she will come. Shilpa falls asleep. Sanjay says I came here on your saying. Shilpa wakes up and sees Durga gone. She looks for Durga. She sees Sanjay with Durga, and runs to tell everyone.

Sanjay says you are scared, you would have made any other excuse to meet me. Durga says I didn’t message you. He says it was from your phone. Shilpa asks Brij to wake up, Durga is not in her room. Brik wakes up Yashpal. They all get up. Durga says you just go, if anyone sees you, it will be big problem. Sanjay holds her hand and says if there is any problem, you…. Everyone looks on.

Brij scolds Sanjay. Durga defends Sanjay. She says Sanjay is more than a friend for me. Yashpal gets angry.

Written Update by Amena

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