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Meri Durga 22nd September 2017 Written Update: Durga Disappoints Dadi

The Episode starts with Sanjay asking Durga to have the milkshake. She says I can’t drink this. He says you can’t lose energy, you have to stay fit to win race. She says I don’t eat eggs. He adds egg in the milkshake. She says no, I m veg, I will not eat eggs. He says you have grown up now, you have to eat this. She refuses. He asks her to have it. She asks him to have it first. He agrees and says then you have to drink it. She drinks and makes bad face. She says I will not drink it. He says it tastes bad, not it won’t be worse than your losing. He insists. She agrees. He makes the milkshake. She drinks. He asks her to finish it. He runs after her. Dekhi jo teri chehre ki….plays…..They have a moment.

Yashpal tells Shilpa that he has got nutritious food for everyone. Durga
comes and sees the food. He asks her not to worry, he has just got it. Shilpa taunts her. Durga asks Yashpal why did he sell jewelry. Durga says winning medal is pride. Shilpa sees egg shell in Durga’s hair and tells them that Durga has eaten egg. Dadi says why will she eat egg. Durga worries. Shilpa says Durga will eat even non veg.

Gayatri says what happened to Sanjay, how did he get eggs at home, I will not let my traditions break. She hears Sanjay telling Bhabhi about feeding eggs to Durga. Bhabhi says I m very happy for you, so you will be marrying soon. Sanjay says I wish everything was so easy, she didn’t tell her family about us, some time will pass. Gayatri smiles and thinks I don’t need to do anything, Durga’s family will do everything.

Dadi scolds Durga for ruining Dharm by eating eggs. Yashpal says she had eggs on my saying. Durga gets shocked. Dadi scolds him. Yashpal says I trust my upbringing, Durga won’t do anything that shames me. Gayatri purifies her bahu and house, and tells her to hide the work she tells her. She asks her to hide things from Sanjay. She tells something to her. Durga comes to Yashpal and clarifies why she had eaten eggs. He says I was very upset. She apologizes. He says I m upset with myself, not you. She says don’t say this. He says I forgot you will get more energy by eating eggs, how did I do this mistake, you did good to take care of this. She smiles.

He says I heard chicken is good. She says no, egg is enough. He says remember, nothing should come in between your race, don’t take anyone’s word on heart, people come in this world to say, I trust you. She thinks to tell him about SP after winning race. He says you got me scolding too, Dadi is orthodox but worries for everyone, don’t hurt her. She says sorry, I can make Dadi’s annoyance away. He asks her to focus on race. She says I will take care. He asks her not to get eggs shells, my innocent daughter can’t lie. He hugs her.

Aarti says this time I will make Durga lose. Durga reminds making Stella lose. Someone sends flowers for Durga with I love you message. Yashpal gets shocked.

Written Update by Amena

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