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Meri Durga 20th November 2017 Written Update: Durga Opposes Sanjay’s Move

The Episode starts with Sanjay asking Durga to tell truth to everyone and get the letter. He falls in her feet and starts the drama. She asks which promise. He says don’t do this, I did this for my parents, pity us. Sheela gets a shock and gets up. Brij holds her. Yashpal asks Sanjay what’s all this. Reporter asks Sanjay what promise is he talking about.

Sanjay says Durga wanted to marry me, she likes me a lot, I refused to marry her, what did Durga say, she went to my mom and dad, the video you have seen, she just took my marriage proposal, but my mom and dad wanted my happiness, they refused, she doesn’t like losing, she defamed my parents to take revenge, they got broken up, so I promised to marry Durga, she also promised me that she will tell truth to everyone once this marriage
happens. He asks Durga to tell truth out, tell them my parents are innocent. The media asks Durga to answer why did she lie. Yashpal thinks it means SP was acting and taking revenge, Durga was silently watching this. He scolds Sanjay and holds his collar. Durga stops Yashpal.

She says we won’t do cheap thing like SP’s family. Yashpal says Durga is framed. Sanjay says fine, I m a liar, if she is true, why did she marry me. He asks them to answer. The reporter asks did Durga do that sting operation to marry you. Rajveer says I was worried for this. Sanjay asks Durga to tell them that his parents are innocent. He says do as I say if you want academy letter. Yashpal scolds the media. Sanjay asks Durga to tell them the truth.

Durga shouts enough, stop it, I will tell the truth. Yashpal asks her to say their sin, why she had to marry SP. Durga says I married SP by my wish, because I truly love SP, just this is the truth, there is no other truth. Sanjay looks at her. Yashpal asks her to say what happened that day. She says this is the truth, I never lie and I had never lied. She tells media that whatever they saw in video, it was absolutely true. She asks them to think anything they want. The man says Durga is lying, who marries an enemy. Yashpal scolds them. The people talk.

Gayatri thanks them for coming. The guests leave. Durga scolds Sanjay. He threatens her and goes. Yashpal says I won’t leave Sanjay. He scolds Neelkant. Rajveer stops Yashpal. He says Neelkant is provoking you, control your temper. He asks Durga why did you not say they are such fallen people, I asked you many times. Brij says yes, what did you do, this marriage was not a race, you should have told us. Yashpal says she has hidden this from us. She cries and says I have hidden this for you, I gave you just sorrows till now. He hugs her. He says we were happy for you, you were living this lie here for our sake. Sanjay comes and says you lost your task, you will get punished for this. He gets the academy letter and burns it. They get shocked.

Durga threatens Sanjay. Rajveer gets Durga to the academy.

Written Update by Amena

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