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Mere Sai 30th November 2017 Written Update: Rano Ji Gets Fine With Sai’s Treatment, Kulkarni Takes The Credit

The constables bring Rano ji to the medical camp and says seems like he is unwell. Kulkarni is shocked to see him and gets angry. The villagers think why did Rano ji come here. Kulkarni thinks he will ruin everything. British doctor asks Rano ji to take off blanket. He asks Rano ji what happened to him. Rano ji says kusht rog. Doctor says leprosy and looks at Kulkarni. He opens Rano ji’s bandages which Sai had tied to him. Rano ji recalls Sai telling him that tomorrow he will get answers to his questions. He sees Sai taking off the bandage from his hand and checks his eyes. He says Sai and smiles. He then sees british doctor and gets clueless.

Doctor checks his hand and gives him injection. Rano ji feels pain. Kulkarni thinks he felt pain, if he got fine, then says it is not possible. Doctor
tells Rano ji, you are absolutely fine, it is a miracle, chamatkar. Everyone is surprised and happy. Other doctor opens his all bandages. Rano ji gets happy seeing his body leprosy free.

Doctor says you got fine. Rano ji gets happy and emotional, recalls his own family kicking him out of house, even his wife deserting him, Sai taking him in his shelter, hugging him and treating his illness, feeding him with his hand. Om Sai plays……Rano ji gets up and tells Shraddha and Saburi, now I understood…Sai. Doctor asks Kulkarni who is Sai. Kulkarni says Rano ji got much happy and can’t believe that he got fine. He asks him to go and asks Anta and Banta to take him. Rano ji touches the land happily. Doctor stops him and gives him two gold coins, says it will be useful to you. Rano ji’s brother looks with greed. Kulkarni thinks british govt will not leave him now. Doctor asks Kulkarni why didn’t he inform them about Rano ji’s disease.

Kulkarni says I had made sure that others don’t get affected. Doctor says I am amazed, how you have treated him with herbs. He tells villagers that they are lucky to get such doctor in their life. Other doctor says he shall be rewarded for this and gives him other villages responsibility also. Kulkarni gets happy and thanks them. Anta and Banta says Kulkarni sarkar ki jai, but nobody says jai. Sai tells them that one’s knowledge shall be useful to all using discrimination. He says it is a sin to become greedy for their advantage. Villagers discuss that they have done wrong with Rano ji, Sai and Appa Patel’s family and says Kulkarni took credit of Sai.

Mhalsapati ji hugs Appa. Appa says even now the limitations was there. Mhalsapati says I don’t care and says you have proved to be right. Appa gets happy and says Sai knows what will happen and when. Rano ji comes running to Sai and falls on his feet with gratitude. Om Sai plays. Rano ji says you have made me fine and says how can I repay this favor. Sai says by keeping me in your heart and thoughts. Rano ji says I want to be with you Sai and don’t want anything from this world, I want to take care of you as you have given me second life. He says my second life is presented to you. Sai hugs him and smiles. Om Sai plays….

Kulkarni comes home with the british’s order in his hand and recalls villagers not supporting him. He goes to room and locks it. Chivu comes there and thinks why they are mourning. Sai comes to his house. Rano ji takes his bag and makes him sit. He takes his foot on his lap. Sai asks what you are doing. Rano ji says you have taught me that there is no dharma than seva. Om Sai plays…..Kaveri comes there. Rano ji recalls Kaveri deserting him and asks her to go. She holds his hand and cries. Rano ji asks where was you when I needed you. He says you have left me alone and I got the purpose of my life, ie, to be in Sai’s service. Sai asks Rano ji to go home and says now you are fine. Rano ji says I don’t know what is family.

Rano ji gives gold coins to Sai. Rano ji’s bhabhi scolds Sai for taking gold coins. Sai asks do you want and gives coins in her hand.

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