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Mere Sai 30th January 2018 Written Update

Bayaza asks Tatya not to sit on the bed and says it is for Suhasini Aaji. Tatya asks why you both are scared of her and tells that he remembered when she came last with Shankar. Aayi asks him not to take Shankar’s name. Appa brings his Bua Suhasini. She asks Aayi how is she? Aayi says she is fine. Anta and Banta tell Kulkarni about Appa’s rich relative Suhasini. Kulkarni says her son might be 17 years old. Rukmini tells Kulkarni that she was worried for Keshav. Kulkarni says he will go and meet him. Rukmini says Keshav is fine now, my heart is saying. Sai comes to Mhalsapati’s house and takes food in charity. Mhalsapati’s wife says you asked something for the first time, and asks if it is for someone else. Sai says yes and smiles.

Mhalsapati tells him about Suhasini. Suhasini asks Bayaza
if she cleaned the house. Bayaza says she has cleaned it twice. Suhasini sees hair in tulsi plant and looks angrily. Mhalsapati tells Sai about Suhasini’s qualities and tells that she had a son Shankar. She didn’t break and took care of her family when her husband died. Bayaza says same mistake will not happen again. Suhasini taunts Aayi. Mhalsapati tells Sai about Shankar’s illness and says Suhasini did whatever Sadhu, Mahatma etc said, but destiny had something else and Shankar died at the age of 17. Mhalsapati’s wife says may be you can lower her pain. Sai says time has not come till now. Mhalsapati’s wife tells that your bags are full of sweets. Sai says someone is getting more hungry.

Keshav tells his school mates that his friend Sai comes to meet him daily. They wonder from where he is getting sweets, as they have stolen it yesterday.

Aayi tells Suhasini about Sai saving knife and her eyes too. Suhasini asks did you give something to him in return. Bayaza sees Shankar’s pendant in Suhasini’s neck and gets teary eyes. Suhasini asks her not to cry infront of her. Mhalsapati comes there and says tomorrow Yamuna will come for pagphera and invites them for lunch. He invites Suhasini. Suhasini says she will not come and don’t want to make excuse. She don’t want to eat any Pujari’s house food. She says you people makes others believe that there is God and he will solve their problems. She says your work is wrong. Appa apologizes to Mhalsapati ji.

Mhalsapati ji says I know that she is changed after that incident. Bayaza says she don’t smile after that incident and don’t let any kid come near her, and she is upset with God. Appa tells that Shankar’s Chacha have done his 13th day, but she didn’t sit. He says don’t know if she will do his shradh after 10 days, or keep his soul captive. Sai comes there and asks for bhiksha. Bayaza serves food in the plate. Suhasini asks who is he? Bayaza says he is Sai. Suhasini asks her not to give the rice which she brought for them. Bayaza says I will give something else. Aayi asks her to let Bayaza go. Suhasini asks didn’t you get learning from me and says I have done much charity than you, and kept many fast, but that God took my Shankar away from me. She says people like Sai fools others and get money. Sai calls 3 times and leaves.

Sai asks a man to work before having food. Suhasini comes there and says she will prove his trick.

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